How Much are You Worth to Your Customer?

Sales and marketing adviceIt’s a question posed today by David Brock at the Partners in EXCELLENCE Blog, and it strikes at the heart of your sales approach. Brock explains, “If you are competing on price, you are only worth the money you save the customer over the alternatives – in today’s competitive world, that’s pretty small. If you are competing on the basis of helping your customer run their businesses better, address new opportunities, and grow, then you are worth many times more than price differential a competitor might provide.”

In other words, it’s about taking the value proposition to the next level. It’s not just about the product you provide, but what you can do for the customer to improve and grow their business. This is especially important in our market as we show the direct-to-buyer targeting value of quality graphics and signs against an increasingly fragmented electronic media. Then, we add further value by consulting with customers on the best means and methods to get their message out there.

For the full post, click here, and then let us know how you’re giving your customers opportunities for growth and profit.