Now Available from LexJet: XCEL SEG Frames

Design It. Build It.

We’re excited to announce the availability of XCEL SEG frames, an ultra-customizable framing system for indoor, outdoor, front-lit, and backlit fabric signage.

With this exciting new partnership, we can provide high-quality solutions to your diverse needs and personalize your SEG frames to everything from the simplest to the most complex exhibits. With a wide range of colors, lighting, size, and specialty options, no display is out of reach.

The Perfect Fit

The perfect partner for XCEL SEG frames is UFabrik textiles. This collaboration further enhances the appeal of the frames, offering an array of high-quality fabric options to complement any design scheme.

Due to their modular design, resilience, and straightforward assembly, the frames serve as an excellent signage solution for convention and trade show graphics, retail merchandising, and transportation hubs.

Whether mounted on walls, suspended from ceilings, or set up as standalone displays, XCEL SEG frames provide versatile presentation options. Click HERE to start designing your perfect display or speak with one of our LexJet Customer Specialists at 800-453-9538.