A Halloween Treat: 30% Off panoRama Walk & Wall

MONDAY, Oct. 31 ONLY: Save 30% on panoRama Walk & Wall

An extremely versatile product for nearly any surface, panoRama Walk & Wall is easy to use, with no lamination required. The dimensionally stable textured vinyl with fabric backing can be repositioned and removed with no adhesive residue left behind.

Unlike competing products that only work on certain surfaces, panoRama Walk & Wall is ASTM slip-resistant certified, and will stay in place on tile, glass, carpet, metal, stone, sidewalks, concrete and more, making it the ideal one-step solution both indoors and out.

panoRama Walk & Wall Highlights:

* No lamination required, one-step solution
* Slip-resistant, durable textured surface
* Removable with no adhesive residue
* Sticks to tile, glass, carpet, metal, stone, sidewalks and more
* Compatible with eco-solvent, solvent, latex and UV-curable printers

To order, call your LexJet representative at 800-453-9538 Monday, Oct. 31, 2016, before 8 p.m. EST or shop at LexJet.com.

*Exclusions may apply

Say It on Nearly Any Surface with panoRama Walk & Wall

Now available at LexJet: panoRama’s Walk & Wall, a textured, self-adhesive, non-slip vinyl that can be repositioned for your next tradeshow, floor, sidewalk or wall mural project.

Because it requires no lamination, panoRama’s Walk & Wall is a one-step solution for short- to medium-term indoor and outdoor applications.

Two-for-One Short Roll Deal on Carpet Graphics through April

Advertising on carpets and floorsIf you haven’t downloaded the free Application Guide to Floor and Carpet Graphics, click on the link, check it out and then take advantage of this month’s special carpet graphics deal: Buy a short roll (54″ wide x 20′ long) of Simple CarpetAd and receive a free short roll (also 54″ x 20′) of Floor Velvet Laminate (5 Mil).

This offer ends April 30. Limit one 2-for-1 floor graphics/laminate combo short roll per customer. Use Promo Code S2CAV5 when purchasing online.

In addition to LexJet’s Application Guide to Floor and Carpet Graphics, which includes useful information on how to sell and install floor and carpet graphics. You can also access other valuable guides and white papers at LexJet’s Learning Center.

Other guides at the Learning Center include:

You can find how-to and demonstration videos on a myriad of topics related to your business and graphics production at www.youtube.com/lexjet, including Installing LexJet Simple Indoor FloorAd and Installing LexJet Simple CarpetAd.

For more information, contact a LexJet customer specialist at 800-453-9538.

Free Floor and Carpet Graphics Application and Installation Guide

How to install floor and carpet graphicsFloor and carpet advertising is a growing and lucrative market for graphics providers. Today, LexJet introduced a free downloadable guide to floor and carpet graphics, appropriately entitled An Application Guide to Floor and Carpet Graphics.

The guide provides a background on the market, application ideas, stories from the field that show the effectiveness of floor graphics for advertising or promotional campaigns, and installation guidelines.

The interactive document also features links to product specifications and a how-to application video. The Installation Guidelines section includes detailed instructions on preparing, installing and removing both floor and carpet graphics.

To download the free guide, click here. If you have any questions, you’re looking for the best product for your project or you need help with anything, contact a LexJet customer specialist at 800-453-9538.

Look out Below! Sales and Application Guide to Floor and Carpet Graphics

Selling, printing and applying indoor floor graphicsAdvertising on floors is certainly not a new concept. Ever since the first electrostatic printers hit the market in the pre-Internet days, printer and media manufacturers have been preaching the possibilities of floor ads.

While most print shops were sold on the concept from the beginning, many end-use customers have been somewhat behind the curve. Now, businesses across the board are catching on and specifying advertising on floors for point-of-purchase, trade show, general retail, and special event promotions.

“Floor graphics reach a lot of people in a lot of different ways,” says David Snyder, owner of Premier Media Group (PMG), Lubbock, Texas. “We use floor graphics in our production area as safety signage for our employees and visitors, especially around our screen printing carousels and other automated equipment. At special events, arenas and trade shows, floor graphics can be used as directional and informational signage. For advertising at the point of sale it’s one of the most effective ways to reach the consumer.”

How to apply indoor floor graphicsSnyder says that PMG has seen a sharp rise in floor graphics orders over the past year or so as more companies and organizations have realized the benefits of this in-your-face advertising medium. This observation is echoed by Tim Green of InfoTrends, a research company based in Weymouth, Mass., who wrote in Fabric Graphics magazine: “For a reasonable price (less than $10 per square foot) retailers, museums, theatres, hospitals, airports and malls can better optimize their space using custom, digitally printed floor graphics. In recent InfoTrends studies, we found that professional wide format digital print buyers expect to increase their spending on floor graphics.”

Other studies by the Point of Purchase Advertising Institute (POPAI), Advertising Research Federation and Information Resources Inc., show an increased sales volume of products promoted with floor graphics of 10-13 percent.

Simply put, floor and carpet graphics boost visibility for the advertiser, not only at retail, but in other special event and trade show venues as well. With increased competition at the point of sale and beyond, savvy companies are finding that floor graphics simply sell their brands.

Floor graphics make consumers stop, look, and think and provide a cost-effective advertising medium in an increasingly fragmented advertising world. Floor graphics simply make the point and engage the viewer where it counts.

Applying floor graphics on marbleBrandon Bauer, graphics manager for Ben E. Keith in Denton, Texas, has found that floor graphics are an effective way to get the beverage distributor’s specialty brands the space they need at the point of sale. And, Bauer has transferred the floor graphic recipe to bar-top tables in Texas Roadhouses throughout the northern Dallas-Fort Worth area.

“We’ve been using LexJet’s floor graphic materials as cut-out graphics on bar tables at Texas Roadhouse, and I’ve heard that they like it so much that they’re making sure all their locations across the country have them,” says Bauer.

Beyond tabletops and countertops, floor graphics printed with the shop’s HP Z6100 have helped Ben E. Keith realize greater and more prominent placement at their accounts. And, the graphics tend to stay on the floor for longer periods of time, ensuring constant brand awareness.

Installation Guidelines
For floor and carpet advertising, the two most important things to keep in mind is to make sure the application surface is clean and dry before installation, and to keep the cleaners away (floor waxes, vacuums, etc.) for about 24 hours after the application.

How to apply and use carpet graphicsAfter that, it’s okay to treat it as if it’s part of the floor with typical floor cleaners/wax. When applying the graphics to a tile floor, keep the edge of the graphics a half-inch or so away from the grout line. If the edge is too close to the grout line, the material is more likely to lift at the edge.

Also, and when possible, try to cut the graphic so the corners are rounded, which also decreases the likelihood that the graphic will lift at the edge. For all types of floor and countertop graphics, warm water, mild dish soap, and a sponge can be used to periodically clean the surface of the graphic.

The following instructions for installing floor and carpet graphics are specific to LexJet’s Simple Indoor FloorAd, Simple Clear Indoor FloorAd and Simple CarpetAd combined with an approved laminate (see below). Both solutions are warranted and are UL listed for slip resistance. If you’re using another combination, be sure to consult with the manufacturer about warranties and slip resistance. There are also combinations available for aqueous printers. Whichever product combination you choose, the same principles below apply. For an installation video for both floor and carpet advertising, click here.

For more information about effective floor graphics material combinations, and for LexJet’s Indoor FloorAd and CarpetAd Advertising System installation guidelines, contact a LexJet account specialist at 800-453-9538.

How-To Videos: Floor and Carpet Graphics Installation

How to install floor and carpet graphicsFloor graphics can be a very effective form of advertising and can also be used for directional and informational signage, among other applications like trade shows and special events. With the right material, they are easy to print, laminate, install and remove.

In the videos embedded below, learn how to install LexJet’s Simple CarpetAd and Simple Indoor FloorAd (compatible with low-solvent, solvent, and UV curable printers). In these installations, both materials have been partnered with LexJet Velvet Floor Laminate for an easy-to-handle 8.4 mil solution that UL classified for slip resistance on indoor floor surfaces. You can also download the Installation Guides at the following links (right-click and Save Target As…):

FloorAd Installation Guide

CarpetAd Installation Guide

If you have any questions about these floor graphic solutions or are interested in other options, please contact a LexJet customer specialist at (800)453-9538.