A Mural Project for the Birds … and the Bears and the Gators, Too

Photographer Brian Hampton had been shooting the wildlife at the Audubon Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary in Naples, Fla., for years before an idea to collectively capture many of the creatures came to him.

While individual photos of the animals were stunning, Hampton had a different visual in mind: A collage of 20 different species that live in the Sanctuary. This “masterpiece mural,” as he calls it, could become a signature piece of art in the main visitors center at Corkscrew, which has approximately 100,000 annual visitors.

Sanctuary print

Hampton, and his wife, Donna, donate photography and video work to several organizations and wanted to do the same for Corkscrew. Hampton commissioned artist Tom Heflin to paint the original 30-by-60-inch collage. Once complete, Hampton had it scanned digitally, then he printed the 7-by-14-foot mural in 3-foot-wide panels on Sunset Select Gloss Canvas using his Canon imagePrograf 8400 printer. The panels were applied to a custom wall panel installed in the center.

“I was looking for a canvas that would show the mural’s brilliant colors,” Hampton says about his choice in Sunset canvas. “Sometimes canvas can look really flat, and I wanted a more saturated look.”

The Hamptons created a video that gives a look behind the scenes of the project:

The mural was installed in early February 2015, and since then Hampton has used the same image to make T-shirts and posters, which have sold well at Corkscrew’s gift shop. “I’m hoping others will want to do something like this in their towns,” he says.

Big Year-End Rebates on Canon Printers at LexJet

Canon iPF9400 Wide Format Inkjet PrinterGet up to $1,400 back with mail-in rebates on Canon imagePROGRAF wide format inkjet printers at LexJet through Dec. 31. And, when you buy the SU-21 spectrophotometer on the same invoice as a Canon iPF6450 inkjet printer, you get a $700 instant rebate.

Here are the mail-in rebates good through Dec. 31:

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Video: Large Format Stills from Motion at Ori Media

Ori Media, based in Salt Lake City, tells multi-media stories, capturing motion and producing high-quality stills on a Canon iPF8400 large format inkjet printer.

Ori Media utilizes a Canon workflow that integrates a Canon EOS-1D to record 4K video and print beautiful printed stills.

Ori Media Canon iPF8400“Shooting hybrid is the only way to go. If you can shoot a video and generate stills from that at the same time, you’re going to save time and generate more revenue by upselling the client on the stills you’re pulling from the video,” says Ori Media’s founder Michael Ori. “They’ll have a cohesive campaign with photos that match their video, a 4K video that’s broadcast-ready, all within an hour.”

The video above demonstrates Ori Media’s workflow, and how quickly the company can shoot a scene and take stills from that scene to generate magazine proofs, for instance, or saleable wide format inkjet prints.

“While he’s still shooting I can already be generating deliverables. I can start editing a short video, pulling the TIFs straight from Premiere Pro into Photoshop and do some retouching,” says Joey Jonaitis, 1st AC/AD for Ori Media. “It’s great you can be sitting there with a client, checking each single frame – you have 24 frames every second – and get the perfect exposure and the perfect look the client wants, export straight to the printer with the imagePROGRAF plug-in… and you can have large-format prints right away.”

Video: Stableford Studios Captures and Prints The Farmers of Western Colorado

The Farmers by Stableford Studios

“I feel like I’m capturing the last of a dying breed of farmers and ranchers here in western Colorado,” says Tyler Stableford, co-director of Stableford Studios, Carbondale, Colo.

Stableford, who is one of Canon’s Explorers of Light, recently captured the heart and soul of the people who work the expansive valleys in western Colorado, juxtaposed against grand mountainous vistas in a series entitled The Farmers.

Stableford used a Canon EOS-1D C, a Canon 5D Mark III, and a Canon 1D X, to photograph the project, but the ultimate expression of the work, says Stableford, comes through the prints produced on the studio’s Canon iPF8400 wide format inkjet printer.

“I see images on the back of the camera, I see them on the computer, and then they come out on a large-format print and they’ve gained a life. And to me, that is where the real soul of an art of an image of a person is. It’s not through an electronic LCD screen,” says Stableford.

In the video embedded below, Stableford explains how Canon’s input to output workflow helped create his latest portraiture series, in which the American frontier is brought into a whole new light.

“Making a large format print transcends the fleeting moment that we try to capture, and makes it more iconic,” adds Stableford Studios co-director Kate Rolston.

Setting a Canvas Printing Standard at FinerWorks

FinerWorks Sunset by Fredrix Matte Canvas
Close-up of a fine-art reproduction by FinerWorks on the company’s new standard canvas: Sunset by Fredrix Matte Canvas.

As the name implies, FinerWorks, based in San Antonio, is dedicated to reproducing finer works of art on a variety of printable materials. FinerWorks serves mainly artists and photographers, with a focus on high-quality output.

Fine Art Canvas Reproductions
A combination of canvas gallery wraps and canvas mounted to PVC board printed by FinerWorks on Sunset by Fredrix Matte Canvas.

Toward that end, FinerWorks recently set Sunset by Fredrix Matte Canvas as the standard for its canvas reproduction printing. Moreover, founder and COO James M. Theopistos has leveraged the Sunset and Fredrix brand names in marketing to his customer base.

“We’ve been excited about it, and the feedback from our customers has been very positive as well. I attribute a lot of the success with the new canvas to the Fredrix name. Since most of our customers are artists they’re familiar with the Fredrix name, especially if they do oil or acrylic paintings. They’re used to buying Fredrix canvas for their work,” says Theopistos. Given that, it was a no-brainer from a marketing standpoint. The cost of the canvas is the same, we can push the name brand, and customers appreciate the history and quality behind the Fredrix name.”

FinerWorks Canvas Printing
Close-up of Sunset by Fredrix mounted to PVC board using LexJet RubberMount Adhesive.

Moreover, says Theopistos, though Sunset by Fredrix Matte Canvas is OBA-free, it retains a very high bright point and faithfully reproduces the artwork of a given client on the company’s Canon iPF8300 and iPF8400 inkjet printers.

Perhaps most importantly, Theopistos reports that the canvas provides consistency through a print run and from project to project.

As Theopistos put it at a recent blog post at finerworks.com: “Sunset by Fredrix Matte Canvas brings the expertise of LexJet and Fredrix together for a breakthrough in canvas, featuring one of the highest white levels available for an OBA-free canvas. It’s easy to work with for stretching, mounting and framing, and is ideal for fine art and photographic reproductions on canvas. The acid-free, pH neutral, poly-cotton base provides consistency throughout the print run.”

Click here to read the rest of the story at the FinerWorks blog.

New Canon Inkjet Printer Mail-in Rebates of up to $1,400 at LexJet

Canon Mail-in RebatesCanon announced today new mail-in rebates of up to $1,400 on four of its imagePROGRAF (iPF) wide format inkjet printers, available at LexJet through Dec. 31. The new mail-in rebates include:

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