Video: Large Format Stills from Motion at Ori Media

Ori Media, based in Salt Lake City, tells multi-media stories, capturing motion and producing high-quality stills on a Canon iPF8400 large format inkjet printer.

Ori Media utilizes a Canon workflow that integrates a Canon EOS-1D to record 4K video and print beautiful printed stills.

Ori Media Canon iPF8400“Shooting hybrid is the only way to go. If you can shoot a video and generate stills from that at the same time, you’re going to save time and generate more revenue by upselling the client on the stills you’re pulling from the video,” says Ori Media’s founder Michael Ori. “They’ll have a cohesive campaign with photos that match their video, a 4K video that’s broadcast-ready, all within an hour.”

The video above demonstrates Ori Media’s workflow, and how quickly the company can shoot a scene and take stills from that scene to generate magazine proofs, for instance, or saleable wide format inkjet prints.

“While he’s still shooting I can already be generating deliverables. I can start editing a short video, pulling the TIFs straight from Premiere Pro into Photoshop and do some retouching,” says Joey Jonaitis, 1st AC/AD for Ori Media. “It’s great you can be sitting there with a client, checking each single frame – you have 24 frames every second – and get the perfect exposure and the perfect look the client wants, export straight to the printer with the imagePROGRAF plug-in… and you can have large-format prints right away.”