Using Dropbox to Backup ICC Profiles and Other Important Files

How to use Dropbox to back up filesA nightmare scenario for most large format printing companies and photography studios is a computer crash. There’s nothing worse than saying goodbye to files you’ve painstakingly nurtured and maintained. Losing data means losing time and money.

While traditional backup methods should be used, a cloud storage solution like Dropbox can be quite beneficial. Saving ICC profiles and other important files to Dropbox can help to reduce the amount of time that it can take to recover from a crash or to set up a new computer.

Dropbox also lets you share files in your Dropbox folder with anyone you like. In the video embedded below, learn how to use Dropbox to back up ICC profiles or other files on a Mac or a PC…

Ink Backup Reminder: The Japan Connection

Ever notice that your ink always seems to run out at the wrong time? That’s because there never is a good time to run out of ink since you’re usually printing a job that’s due today. Consequently, LexJet has always recommended having a backup set of inks available.

This rule of thumb has never been more important since many OEM inks come from Japanese manufacturers. We do not know exactly what the impact on manufacturing in Japan will be from the recent earthquake and tsunami, but we do know the supply chain will be affected in the short term.  There is no reason to panic and buy a year’s worth of supply, however. Manufacturers will not let their major source of revenue be down for long, but be safe and have a backup set.

For an update on the impact of the earthquake and tsunami on industry suppliers, click here. And, if you have any questions, contact a LexJet customer specialist at 800-453-9538.