How-to Video: Professional Inkjet Canvas Stretching with Sunset Stretcher Bars

Canvas inkjet print stretch gallery wrap museum wrapCanvas wraps have become very popular over the past few years. Typically, there are three ways that a canvas print can be stretched – by hand, with a canvas stretching machine like the Tensador II or by using a stretcher bar system like LexJet’s Sunset Stretcher Bars.

Stretching canvas by hand can be very involved and time-consuming. While efficient, using equipment like the Tensador II requires an initial investment starting around $3,500. If your volume supports the equipment purchase, definitely investigate the Tensador II. If it doesn’t, Sunset Stretcher Bars are the happy medium between time and cost, helping to simply produce truly professional canvas wraps in less than 15 minutes.

In the videos below you will learn how to set up a file for a wrapped canvas by adding a solid color border or a mirrored edge. You will also learn how to stretch a canvas using Sunset Stretcher Bars from beginning to end.