Free Core Adapter for 2-inch Spindles Included with 3-inch Rolls

3-2 core

If you’ve purchased a 3-inch roll of media recently, you may have noticed the plastic end caps in the box. Don’t toss those out. Included in those end caps are easy-to-use core adapters that will allow you to run that 3-inch media on printers with 2-inch spindles.

More media is now sold on 3-inch cores to reduce the curl in the media. These value-added core adapters allow you to use media on a variety of printers, including latex. To use the adapter, just remove it from the end cap and pop it into the roll, as shown below.

Core adapter

The adapters can currently be found in the following LexJet products, which are sold in 3-inch rolls:

We also carry 3-inch spindles for a variety of printers, if you’re ready to make that switch, instead. Call a LexJet print specialist at 800-453-9538 to determine the right solution for you.