HP Latex Print & Cut Tips with Timothy Mitchell

Whether you’ve been using an older legacy latex or are looking to expand your product offering by purchasing a latex printer for the first time, join us Tuesday, Nov. 10, at 2 p.m. ET, and watch live as HP Latex Applications Architect Timothy Mitchell presents the HP Latex Print & Cut Academy.

Timothy will show you how you can deliver more high-quality applications same-day, in widths up to 64 inches, all while keeping costs low. HP production printers and water-based HP Latex Inks ensure rich blacks and glossy results—and all prints emerge dry, odor-free, and ready to use.

See why print service providers rave about HP Latex technology and how you can save up to 50% of your time by doubling the speed*. Provide your clients with quick turnarounds, while also offering a broad range of applications such as stickers, customized clothing, or window graphics.

From floor graphics and vehicle graphics to social barriers and outdoor displays, HP Latex solutions provide an extensive range of applications to diversify your portfolio and push your productivity to a whole new level.

When you attend, you will save $1,800 on an HP Latex 315 Print & Cut Bundle, $2,800 on an HP Latex 335 Print & Cut Bundle; or save $4,000 on an HP Latex 570.

Sign up online or call one of our printer specialists at 800-453-9538 for additional information.

*Based on HP internal testing February 2017 comparing the HP Latex 300 Printer series Print and Cut solution with a solvent-technology-based integrated print and cut solution at a comparable cost.

Learn Life Hacks for the Printmaker with Pete Wright

This month, Canon’s Pete Wright discusses “Life Hacks for the Printmaker” and how you can get the most out of your Canon PRO-Series printer.

Tune in Wednesday, Nov. 11 at 11 a.m. ET, as Canon technical specialist and award-winning photographer Pete Wright takes you through the tips, tricks, and benefits of the imagePROGRAF PRO-Series family.

All attendees are eligible to receive 5% – up to $599 – off MSRP as well as 0% financing through Canon. Partner your webinar discount with Canon’s mail-in rebates for total savings of up to $1599*. If you are considering the new 12-color PRO-2100, PRO-4100, or PRO-6100 or the new 8-color PRO-4100S or PRO-6100S, register for our live event.

Afterward, if you are still unsure about which printer is right for you, Pete will be there to answer your questions.

The Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-Series printers include breakthrough technology for professionals who demand perfection. Canon sets the bar by delivering rich, detailed, brilliant colors in 24-, 44-, and 60- inch widths.

The product line includes models for professional photography and fine art, production signage, infographics and posters, technical documents, and general use markets.

Sign up online or call one of our printer specialists at 800-453-9538 for additional information.

*Webinar promotion can only be combined with monthly instant rebate. Not valid with any other promotions or programs.

Karin Giusti Uses Art to Create Thought-provoking “Third Space” Piece

Rhode Island artist Karin Giusti – a Professor Emerita of Art at Brooklyn College – enjoys creating pieces that are close to her heart, but also speak to anyone who sees them. Several years ago, she created a piece honoring the firemen who lost their lives as a result of 9/11. It was an all too personal piece, as her fiancé was one of those who died as a result of health problems developed from that dreadful day.

It was that piece, Three Seasons at Black Forest Farms, that helped her land a coveted spot commissioned by the Providence Art in City Life Commission for PVDFest 2020, public art installations in downtown Providence, R.I. The members of Providence ACT (Arts, Culture + Tourism) were familiar with Giusti, but that doesn’t mean they were just going to give her the opportunity, she had to earn it. “They saw my pillar piece, so they knew my work, but it still was a competition,” she says. They looked at the presentations and selected me as one of the three finalists. We then had a run-off against each other.”

Giusti was awarded the Civic Center garage, a 3-story parking deck with a unique grid pattern that she could incorporate into her design. “I looked at the building, but things got very serious in January,” she says. “I measured and photographed it and I didn’t know if my idea would work, but I had to give it a try.”

Her “idea”? She wanted to treat the grid pattern on the exterior of the building as a loom and weave brightly colored ribbons of LexJet 8 Mil Absolute Backlit – the same material she used to create her 9/11 exhibit – to create a fabric appearance.

There was a lot to consider about using the backlit material, so Giusti reached out to LexJet’s Dean Lambert and Ramiro Torrez. “I didn’t know how the material would hold up, but I wanted to use it because it’s so beautiful,” she says. “I know the team at LexJet couldn’t make promises for such an unusual application, but I’ve worked with the material before and I know it’s really strong.”

Another difference between this project and the backlit columns is interior vs. exterior application. Her 9/11 exhibit was inside and not exposed to Rhode Island weather or a downtown environment. Torrez suggested the Performance Matte UV Vinyl Laminate to protect the artwork. “I’d never put this combination of materials outside for six months, so I really didn’t have an idea as to how it would stand up,” Giusti says. “But it’s been amazing! No fading, no damage, no tearing. This stuff has been indestructible out there, and it looks just as good now as when I put it up earlier this year.”

Giusti was excited to have her work displayed on the building since the colors would provide a bright contrast to the building, but also because it was supposed to be backlit at night. Unfortunately, the city went into lockdown, so the exhibit didn’t get the lighting it deserved. Although the extraordinary conditions of the pandemic are limiting her audience, she is thrilled with the results of Dreamweave for a Third Space. Originally scheduled to be on display through November, Giusti learned that her exhibit has been extended into 2021.

“Nobody was going out or going downtown. Normally, I would’ve been hosting parties on site all summer long and doing PR, but it’s just been insane,” she says. “The colors are beautiful, and as an artist, not every sculpture you create will be that pretty or photogenic, and this one is. It’s a shame more people aren’t going to be able to see it.”

The different patterns were representative of countries around the world. “Even though the patterns are from varying countries, they are related. Some countries have copied other countries, some have occupied other countries, bringing their ideas to those countries. Of course, they don’t stop at borders, these patterns have a life of their own,” she says. “It’s all so interconnected, Third Space. it’s an urban theory about people learning to work together, not in ‘your’ space or ‘my’ space, but in a third space.”

While Dreamweave may not have been viewed by as many people as she would’ve liked, that’s not going to stop Giusti from coming up with her next great piece using Absolute Backlit. “I want to play and see if I can make this stuff permanent. Maybe sandwich it in plexiglass. I really want to push the limits of it and see what it can do,” she says. “Playing with this material has been phenomenal, and I can see doing more projects like this. I want to do this kind of project at festivals all over Europe.”

Even though there is so much going on during the creation of this piece, Giusti says she really enjoyed working on it and was glad to have something to do while in quarantine. “I spent the whole lockdown producing the piece here in my studio. Ramiro got the materials to me and it went smoothly,” she says. “He also helped me with the laminate material, but it was an absolute blast! It was so much fun because the backlit and the laminate were manageable and easy to work with.”

Giusti is grateful to so many people who helped Dreamweave become reality including FirstWorks, the City of Providence Department of Art, Culture + Tourism, and Bliss Properties, owners and operators of the Civic Center Garage, as well as her friends here at LexJet.

Through COVID, through quarantine, through cities being on lockdown, Karin Giusti drew upon the positive Third Space energy and had a great experience working on Dreamweave, “I had the time of my life on this project.” Hopefully, when people finally do see her work, they will have the same positive experience.

Gobble up These November Savings from Epson

Epson offers printers from top-of-the-line photographic printers and dye-sub printers to signage and technical printers, Epson has a printer for any application you can imagine. Instantly save up to $5,000 when you buy an Epson printer in November:

EPSON SureColor F-Series:

The EPSON SureColor F-Series dye-sublimation printers are perfect for those looking to create home décor and promotional products, metal panels, and apparel. From the 24-inch desktop model to the 64-inch high-speed, there is a dye-sub printer for the most discerning designer.

EPSON SureColor S-Series:

For sign shops and print service provides, the EPSON SureColor S-Series printers are all 64-inch wide and range from general purpose signage (S40600) to high speed with bulk ink efficiency (S60600L). Print and cut options are also available. For more information about which S-Series printer is the right one for you, revisit Decisions, Decisions: Choosing the Right EPSON S-Series Printer.

New Bulk Ink System with 1500 mL ink system:

Print & Cut Bundle includes S-Series printer, Graphtec cutter and ONYX software:

Production Edition:

Here’s what one longtime customer has to say about his fleet of Epson printers: “We’ve been with Epson since the beginning,” he says. “Currently, we use the SureColor F6200 (dye-sub), SureColor S80600 (solvent) and SureColor P10000 (aqueous),” – Alex Costa, Real Color Design, Torrance, Calif.

EPSON SureColor P-Series:

For photographers, proofers, and fine art reproduction houses, the EPSON SureColor P-Series family offers a variety of standard and professional edition printers from 24-inch to 64-inch wide and anywhere from 9 to 12 colors, for an enhanced color gamut.

Visit our EPSON P-Series selection page to see which photo printer is right for you.

Check out what our customers are saying about the P-Series printers: “When we were researching, we noticed that Epson was the top of the line. Now, we love using their printers for our art prints,” she says. “I don’t think we’d ever switch to anything else. When our StylusPro 7890 finally died, we stayed with Epson and bought a SureColor P6000,” – Rachel O’Neill, Loftipop, Sarasota, Fla.

EPSON SureColor T-Series:

The EPSON SureColor T-Series printers are designed for CAD/Line drawings, indoor signage, and business and educational graphics. These printers are the perfect option with the increase of schools and universities bringing printing in-house.

For a full list of Epson rebates or if you want help deciding which Epson printer is right for you, give us a call at 800-453-9538 or visit LexJet.com.

Give Thanks for These Savings When You Get a New HP Printer in November

Whether you are looking for a latex, photographic or technical printer, HP has some great savings this month. Save up to $6,000 on an HP Latex printer and up to $1,000 on a DesignJet printer when you upgrade from your current solvent, latex, or aqueous printer.

HP Latex Printers

HP Latex printers deliver high-quality applications up to 64 inches wide while keeping costs low and diversifying your portfolio. With latex printing, you can offer your clients same-day applications such as stickers and decals, customized clothing, or window and vehicle graphics.

One customer who recently bought his first HP latex printer has already seen ways it is benefiting his clients: “I wanted to give my customers prints that mimicked gold-leaf lettering, but I couldn’t do it without a printer,” he says. “Having a printer in-house saves my customers money, saves me from outsourcing, and it allows me to be more creative with what I can do.” – Tony Evans, Evans Graphics, Monessen, Pa.

HP Loyalty Rebates available through Dec. 31:

 Current owners of HP Latex L2 Series (L26100, L26500, L28500, 210, 260, or 280) can continue to save up to $5,000 on the purchase of a new printer when submitting motherboard of a current legacy latex printer:

  • HP Latex 365 – $3,000 loyalty rebate; combine with $1,000 instant rebate. Total savings: $4,000.
  • HP Latex 560 – $5,000 loyalty rebate.

Upgrade to Latex

Get $6,000 cash back on the purchase of a Latex 570. Purchase by Dec. 31, submit an online claim by Jan. 31, 2021, and send in the main print controller board of an eligible printer by Feb. 28, 2021, to qualify for the Upgrade to Latex rebate.

 HP Latex Printer Instant Rebates, valid through Dec. 31:

HP Latex LOI available through Nov. 30:

*Event LOI and Upgrade to Latex cannot be combined

Partner the HP Adhesive Vinyl and Laminates with the HP Latex Print & Cut for perfect stickers.

Education Opportunity: Learning more about the newest latex technology, join us on Tues. Nov. 10 at 2 p.m. ET for our free HP Latex Print & Cut webinar with Timothy Mitchell, HP’s Latex Solutions Architect. Reserve your spot HERE.

HP DesignJet Printers

The HP DesignJet line-up is versatile and offers printers for everything from CAD drawings (DesignJet T) to graphics (DesignJet Z6) to professional photography (DesignJet Z9+).

HP DesignJet Cash-in & Trade-up valid through Nov. 30:

For the Cash-in & Trade-up claim, the formatter board of an eligible printer must be returned. The claim must be filed by Dec. 31 and formatter board shipped by Jan. 31.

HP DesignJet Instant Rebates through Nov. 30:

For a full list of HP rebates or if you want help deciding which HP printer is right for you, give us a call at 800-453-9538 or visit LexJet.com.

This November, Wrap up the Savings with a New Canon Printer

Get a new Canon printer during November and take advantage of these instant and mail-in savings. Receive up to $1,000 cash back or instantly save up to $500 on a qualified Canon PRO-Series or TM series printer. Attend our free webinar and save as much as $599 when you attend the October webinar.

Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-Series Printers

The Canon PRO-Series printers include breakthrough technology for professionals who demand perfection. Canon sets the bar by delivering rich, detailed, brilliant colors in 24, 44, and 60 inches.

This artist used a Canon PRO-Series PRO-6000 to help him turn postcards into wall murals: “After researching all the printers available, the Canon PRO-6000 [current model: PRO-6100] stood out as being most advanced in technology,” he says. “The printer is incredible. It’s user-friendly and did a beautiful job. Now I’m doing a lot of larger images for other people because of the 60-inch capability.”

Mail-in Rebates available through Dec. 31:

Canon Instant Rebates through Nov. 30:

Exploration opportunity: Earn up to $599 towards a qualified purchase when you attend “Life Hacks for the Printmaker”, presented by Canon’s Pete Wright, who is also an award-winning photographer. This free webinar is scheduled for 11 a.m. ET on Wed. Nov. 11. Click HERE to reserve your spot.

 Canon imagePROGRAF TM Series Printers

The TM Series printers are equipped with everything you need to print posters, banners, signage, infographics, designs, technical documents, maps, and more. These printers include an abundance of software: PosterArtist Lite, Free Layout Plus, Autocad Optimizer, and more.

 Instant Rebates on Canon TM Series through Nov. 30:

 $1,000 mail-in rebate available on select on Canon TM Series: 

  Zero % Financing remains through December

 Get 0% financing on imagePROGRAF PRO-Series and TM models through Dec. 31.

 Give us a call at 800-453-9538 or visit LexJet.com if you have questions about which Canon is right for you.