LexJet brandUP: Rockin’ Promotional Materials with Musician Matt Walden

LexJet Brand Up Logo with BGUpon first glance, Matt Walden looks like a typical teen heartthrob: blonde hair, blue-green eyes, and the perfect bone structure for selfies. With thousands of social media followers, and girls commenting “MARRY ME, MATT” on his Instagram pictures, you’d expect a 20-year-old guy on the cusp of stardom to get an ego. However, when discussing his humble beginnings, his true passion for music, and how he’s learning to market his burgeoning career, Walden becomes a lot less “Harry Styles” and a lot more “boy-next-door.”

“I was 13 years old when I realized I wanted to be a musician,” Walden begins. He started with piano lessons and recitals as a child, and later received a guitar from accomplished local musician, Billy Rice. As the years passed, Walden grew to realize that being a singer/songwriter was his dream.

Tech Talk: HP Latex Mobile App Review

You’ve probably heard the saying “there’s an app for that.” With just a quick download from the app store onto your smartphone, nearly any need can be fulfilled.

HP Latex Mobile app ink level details.
HP Latex Mobile app ink level details.

Enter: The HP Latex Mobile App, geared to streamline print production. We asked Michael Clementi, head of the LexJet Experience Center, to download and review the app so we could learn exactly how it works, and if it really does simplify the printing process.

Q: What’s the purpose of the HP Latex Mobile App? Who are the primary users?

A: The purpose is to be able to monitor your HP Latex printer from anywhere on the planet (that has cell coverage, of course). The primary users should be anyone who owns a Latex 300 series printer. Setting it up on your phone takes very little effort, and you’ll be glad you did!

Q: Which printers are the app compatible with?

A: All Latex 300 Series Printers (310, 330, 360, 370) – please link each of these and tag, too.

LexJet Tells Digital Output: New Media Options Lead to Higher Productivity

media 2 Once a year, Digital Output magazine looks to leaders in the graphic arts world to express their point of view on the state of the industry, improvements to existing products, and the changing market.

LexJet’s Vincent Bejar

This year, the magazine asked Vincent Bejar, business development manager at LexJet, to give his input on wide-format printing.  Bejar explains how HP PageWide XL Series media is changing the landscape for architecture, engineering and construction markets.

“Also used for color graphics, it opens the door to new applications and higher productivity for the printer,” he says. “This is the beginning of a technology shift in inkjet printing that will continue to propel the printers using these high-speed effective devices into higher-volume, higher-profit solution areas.”

Shifts in technology, such as new applications and devices, are further discussed in “Industry Leader Perspective,” available on Digital Output‘s website. This year isn’t over yet, and with software, hardware, ink and media all advancing at such rapid paces, we’ll be keeping an eye on what the rest of 2015 will bring.

Exploring the Coast Through a Camera Lens

Photos provided by Gareth Rockliffe


Most people take one look at stormy, rainy skies and wouldn’t think twice about spending the day at the beach. However, photographer, Gareth Rockliffe, begs to differ. He loves stormy days at the beach. In fact, he prefers them.

Titled “The Great American Coastline,” Rockliffe’s latest exhibition is a three-part series that features coastlines of the United States. The first installment of the series, focusing on the Pacific Coast, opened at The von Liebig Art Center in Naples, Fla., this month.

Garith Rockliffe's exhibit is on display at The von Liebig in Naples, Fla.
Gareth Rockliffe’s exhibit is on display at The von Liebig in Naples, Fla.

It took Rockliffe and his wife, Jan, a fellow photographer, three months to travel from San Diego up to Cape Flattery, the most Northwestern point of the United States. Throughout the trip, Rockliffe and his wife found hidden parts of the coastline, away from the usual tourist traps, to take pictures. They also met lots of interesting people, took their portrait, and asked them the question, “what is your philosophy of life?”

Twenty-seven large prints, 10 of their favorite portraits, and 10 of their favorite philosophy answers make up the exhibit being held at The von Liebig, running from July 17-Sept. 4.

When printing his art, Rockliffe uses a large volume of ink in order to achieve very rich colors. “Other materials would curl when I’d print my artwork,” so when he was preparing to print for his exhibition, he chose a high-quality product. “Now, I use the Sunset Velvet Rag material because I love the weight, the texture, and the way it holds the ink.” Rockliffe uses a Canon imagePROGRAF iPF8400 to print his photographs.

Gareth and Jan Rockliffe

Rockliffe fell in love with photography as a teenager, but he went into sales and marketing. For years, he would only photograph on the weekends. “I realized I was spending five days a week doing something I didn’t like, and only two days a week doing something I loved.”

Eventually, Rockliffe dedicated himself to photography full-time, met his wife, and started taking portraits for a living. “Landscapes are my passion, but I’ve always been drawn to water,” Rockliffe says. He grew up in a small, seaside town in England, which is probably why he prefers moody skies, and dark waves. “When I shoot, I try to give the water and sky a sense of life.”

Next for Rockliffe, he’s raising funds to start part two of his coastal project. “Part two will be of the East Coast, and will start in 2016. Part three will be the Gulf Coast,” he explains. We wish Rockliffe the best in his travels, and look forward to seeing the second and third installments.

Tip of the Week: Wall Murals

One of the easiest ways to transform a space is to install a wall mural. You can create beautiful displays of any kind in your home, office, or retail space. Turn any image into a one-of-a-kind wall mural for an exhibit, special event, or just to decorate.

wall mural

There is a huge variety of materials that you can choose from when deciding on your wall mural: embossed vinyl, smooth vinyl, PVC-free wallpaper, or fabrics. Once you choose the proper material, deciding on the permanence will determine how difficult installation will be. If the graphic is permanent, the wall mural will require a wallpaper paste used with a vinyl or wet strength paper. This is best used for high traffic areas to ensure durability of the graphic.

However, if you’re looking for a more temporary graphic, give LexJet Print-N-Stick a try. Print-N-Stick is a great, temporary way to decorate your space. Installation is easy since Print-N-Stick isn’t permanent. This allows you to align, smooth out, and remove as much as you’d like. The Print-N-Stick will stay on the wall as long as needed.

The final tip to know about wall murals is learning about Type I or Type II certified material. These certifications have to do with stain resistance and fire retardance. Just remember that once ink is put onto the material, it changes the rating. Make sure the solution used is Type I or Type II certified with latex inks. Feel free to ask your LexJet print expert any questions you have about wall mural installations.

Prints that Win: City by the Sea

“Breathtaking” is a fitting description for the image “City by the Sea” by Kathryn Meek, a photographer and winner of the Sunset Print Award at the APPA competition in Arkansas.

After spending the day in Croatia, Meek set up a tripod and her Nikon D700 on the top of the cruise ship, and took a series of pictures of the coast of Dubrovnik, Croatia. It took her 10 to 15 minutes to shoot several different sequences of photographs of the coastline. After finding the series she liked best, Meek photo-merged them together using Photoshop, thus creating the winning image. (Click on the image above to see the full image.)