Little Gestures Can Have a Huge Impact

The smallest things we do can have a huge impact.  This can work for or against us.  If you focus on making them work for you, all the time, you won’t have to worry about them working against you because you will be in the right frame of mind to avoid the bad stuff.

Last month, while SCUBA diving in the Gulf of Mexico just off Sarasota, my dive partner found a knife.  It was a high-end titanium dive knife that had been lost for several months judging by the amount of sediment and algae on it.  Dive knives are worn as utility tools in sheaths either on a diver’s body or on their gear.  Without sheaths the knives are pretty useless for diving.  It is very dangerous to carry loose blades when air hoses are involved.

Being a generous person, my partner gave me the knife (another good story).  I was astounded that the knife was in almost new condition and held a good edge with minimal sharpening and cleaning.  Replacement sheaths are impossible to come by and I had little hopes of finding one, but decided to try anyway.  I searched the web to no avail.

As a last-ditch effort, I emailed the manufacturer’s website general mailbox to see if they could help.  Not expecting a reply, I was shocked when I received one the next day.  They sent a replacement sheath and asked only that I help spread the word about the durability of the knife in return.

I was already impressed with the blade so that was an easy decision.  Had they not responded I would have used the knife for general work on the boat until I lost it overboard back to the sea and forgot about the company that made it.  Instead I will continue using the knife for its intended purpose and have since explored the rest of the products they offer.  I haven’t bought one of their products yet, but it is just a matter of time.  I already have my eye on one of their gear bags.

Offering to send a sheath was a small, easy, insignificant gesture I had not expected.  I was willing to pay for it.  What stuck in my mind was the prompt and personal reply that exceeded my expectations.  With that one small gesture they have a new company advocate and a lifelong customer.

If anyone is interested, the company name is Armor Products: