It’s not about the Burger

Most companies think in terms of “product differentiation” to get a competitive edge. However, we all have the opportunity to focus on far more important differentiators, such as how we approach leadership issues, improve the company culture and ensure employee satisfaction. This focus leads to the ultimate differentiator… a great customer experience.

Enhancing the LexJet Customer Experience

Every day at LexJet, we discuss how we can enhance our Customer’s LexJet Experience–to make it the best buying experience in our industry.  In fact, that is our #1 priority.  We figure that if we do this right, it’s good for our Customers and LexJet and bad for our competitors.  There is no magic elixir or quick fix to enhancing our Customers’ experience.   It’s not about programs, price, or product.  Those are simply the price of poker.

Enhancing our Customers’ experience is simply the art of creating a positive and lasting memory in our Customers’ minds about us and our company, a memory that our competition is less likely or incapable of providing.  Here are a couple of  examples:

Taste of Tollerton: One way to enhance our Customers’ experience is to help you when there is nothing in it for LexJet.  In other words, we will give you what you want and need versus what we want you to have.  For instance, we have a local insurance broker, Jim Tollerton, in Sarasota who has been trying to get our business.  He recognized that his solutions were far more expensive than our current provider so he suggested questions to ask our current provider that resulted in even better rates than what they were already giving us–saving us roughly $40K annually.  Someday, I assure you that we will find a way to reward him for this experience.  My lasting memory is that if Jim did this for us, a non-customer, what could he do for us as a customer?

At LexJet, if we don’t have what our Customers want and need, our representatives understand that helping you is more important than selling you something that doesn’t provide you the solution you need.  Many times, we have actually referred our Customers to other solutions when we weren’t able to help. (Actually, that was our way of helping–just like Jim Tollerton.)

Mazagatti’s Mantra: When I was in high school, I worked at a small independent deli (before the supermarket chains got into it) owned by a guy named Peter Mazagatti.  Pete taught me more about Customer experience than anyone since.  If the store opened at 10 a.m. and you were there getting ready to open at 8 a.m. and a customer came to the door, you stopped what you were doing, unlocked the door, and serviced the customer.  If you closed at 10 p.m., were cleaning up and a customer came to the door wanted rare roast beef (death to a slicer), you sliced it and cleaned up again.  His philosophy was simple: There are only so many customers and you want them to come back over and over and over!  Sometimes, you only get one shot and you’d better take advantage of it.  Pete’s prices were far from the lowest compared to the supermarket giants but his Customers’ lasting memory was the service he provided.

We practice Pete’s Customer First philosophy at LexJet.  Our doors are always open!  You will always get a real person when you call LexJet during our 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. business hours…no phone trees…ever!  And, our e-commerce website is available 24/7 for a convenient shopping experience.

We are interested in hearing from you about your personal buying experiences. That’s one of the ways you can help us enhance your LexJet buying experience.