Prints That Win: Pastel Passage

When you’ve been competing in print competitions as long as Idaho photographer, Dennis Hammon, capturing beautiful landscapes comes as natural as the photo’s subject itself.

While teaching a photography workshop aboard the Celebrity Silhouette cruise ship, Hammon was admiring the view during the ship’s departure when he noticed a sailboat along the horizon. Using his keen eye and his Canon 5D, he snapped a couple of pictures of the scene, and a winner was born.

The Sunset Print Award winning photograph, “Pastel Passage,” displays placid waters complete with breathtaking hues of pink and purple pastels that were bestowed by the sunset.

Safe Harbor, 2015 Sunset Print Award winner by Dennis Hammon

Similar to his 2015 Sunset Award winner, “Safe Harbor,” Hammon allowed the natural beauty of the scene to shine through, using very minimal editing in Photoshop and Nik. After he had edited the levels and curves, he printed it out on LexJet Sunset Photo eSatin Paper 300g and began entering it in competitions.

After photographing professionally for more than 40 years, it’s no surprise that Hammon eats, sleeps and breathes all things photography.  “I started print competitions in 1981,” he says. “I started doing competitions that motivated me to work my way up to get my Masters, my Craftsman, and now I’m a PPA affiliate juror, which I’ve been for over 25 years.”

Like many other Sunset Print Award-winning photographers, Hammon believes in the importance of print competitions. “I use print competitions as a barometer to see how my work is progressing and measuring against other professionals,” he says. “It’s always nice to win awards, but it’s important for me to see where my work is progressing each year and see how it measures up to current styles and looks.”

Hammon also values the sage advice from photography mentors in the industry. “Find somebody that can be a mentor to you, somebody that is where you want to be and not where you already are,” he says.

He believes that the availability and willingness of talented and accomplished professionals have allowed the industry to improve greatly. “We are seeing such an increase in the quality of work because the mentor program allows people to help each other more instead of how it was in the past when methods were almost a secret.”

So what does a master photographer do when he’s not traveling the world, teaching workshops, and winning print competitions? Improving his craft, of course! “Believe it or not, besides reading and hanging out with my wife, I enjoy photography,” he says. “It’s been both my hobby and my profession. I still look forward to getting up and going to work every day and challenging myself to do something new!”

How-to Video: Use a Media Tube to Make an Eclipse Viewer

Want to view the Great American Eclipse on Aug. 21 in a safe way by upcycling an old media tube and using a few other items you have in your shop?

The video above gives step-by-step instructions on how to use an empty media core, plastic end caps, a ruler, pencil, drill and 1/8-inch bit and a fine-tooth saw to create a pinhole projector for eclipse viewing.


Get started now so you’ll be ready on Monday when a total eclipse of the sun will occur and can be viewed as the path of totality cuts across the United States from Oregon to South Carolina. For the best viewing, you’ll have to be within the 60 to 70-mile wide path, pictured here.

Remember: Looking directly at the sun in any manner can cause damage to your eyes. Follow the directions in the video above carefully.

To learn more about the eclipse go to and follow LexJet on social media to learn fun facts about the eclipse.

Now Available: An Easy and Versatile Film for Windows & More

For customers who need glare-free, interchangeable graphics for windows, acrylic or even cool-temperature metal surfaces, LexJet WR Window Graphic Film marries the durability of a polypropylene film with a high-performance, water-resistant adhesive that’s reusable and repositionable.

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The easy, no-mess installation works with simple wet or dry techniques, and the film is compatible with aqueous and latex inks for applications ranging from grocery and retail stores to banks, gas stations and more.

“This is another excellent addition to the LexJet line of window graphic options,” says Dean Lambert, LexJet Vice President. “LexJet WR Window Graphic Film goes up easily and provides superior image quality on a film that’s more opaque and more durable than other window options.”

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Going Green with Eco-Solvent Inks? Here Are 20 Must-Have Products

We know the environment is top-of-mind for many print shops, and that’s why you’re transitioning to eco-solvent ink technology, such as Epson’s UltraChrome GS3 ink with GreenGuard Gold certification. To help you pair your printer with the right products, we’ve compiled a list of 20 must-have compatible media options, available at LexJet. Check out these products for art and photo, walls, signage and multipurpose applications:

Art & Photo

Eco-solvent options for canvas and photo printing is especially attractive because it eliminates the need for additional coating production that’s required for aqueous printing. These best sellers do just that while offering excellent image reproduction, as well:

Prints That Win: Angels Bending Near the Earth

Idaho Falls-based photographer, Cheri Hammon, had an unusual start in photography. After abandoning a career as a hairdresser due to allergies, she happened upon a job in a local photography studio.

“They put me in sales and I was terrible,” she says, laughing. “So the photographer who owns the studio asked me if I was interested in retouching.” From that moment on, she had found her passion.

Her Sunset Print Award-winning image, “Angels Bending Near the Earth,” also had a unique inception. “Normally, I get a feeling when I start a project and it sits in my head for a while and kind of cooks,” Hammon says. “But this is the only one I’ve ever done that just hit me all of a sudden.”