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The Right Ingredients for a Star Sales Rep

Darcie Siiteri nominated Sean McGettigan for National Business Media's Star Rep of the month award. McGettigan was selected by NBM for going above and beyond to help the studio grow and realize greater profits. Darcie and husband Chris own and operate Innovative Photography in Austin.

Nominated by Darcie Siiteri, owner of Innovative Photography, Austin, Texas, LexJet’s Sean McGettigan was chosen by National Business Media (NBM) as its Star Rep of the month. Based on nominations from sign and graphics companies across the U.S., throughout the coming year National Business Media is looking for supplier sales reps that exemplify customer service.

According to NBM, “The most distinguished sales reps have standards for service above what even their employers’ demand and beyond the expectations of their customers. The best reps see excellent service as normal and don’t expect any special reward. But still, once in a while a reminder of what genuine customer service really looks like is in order.”

Darcie says that McGettigan has not only exceeded her expectations of what a sales rep should be, but he has been an integral part of growing this photo studio’s business through inkjet printing.

“Hands down Sean is the best rep that I have ever had, with any company,” she wrote in her nomination. “He always referred me to the right and best products for my needs; on a couple of occasions they have not even been with LexJet. This truly builds customer trust and satisfaction.”

In a follow-up interview from Darcie’s studio in Austin today she added, “I’m not a writer and I struggle with anything written, but when I clicked on the link to nominate Sean it was no struggle to write about all the help I get – keeping me abreast of new products or helping me when something is twisted on my printer. I know I’m in good hands.”

Darcie and her husband, Chris, have owned and operated Innovative Photography for the past 17 years in Austin. With the addition of an Epson 7600 they purchased from LexJet about seven years ago, and the ongoing personal support they’ve received from LexJet, their studio has realized huge savings and additional profits.

“Our printing bills were thousands of dollars per month before we did our own printing, and even though I spend a little more time bundling orders, the overhead profit is phenomenal. I could never go back,” says Darcie.

With the addition of inkjet printing through LexJet, Innovative Photography has cut printing costs significantly while realizing higher profit margins.

The Siiteris added an Epson 4880 with the ImagePrint RIP a couple of years ago and use it to print the bulk of their photography work, primarily on LexJet Sunset Photo eSatin. “Sean kept telling me that I really needed ImagePrint. Once I bought the 4880 and got ImagePrint, everything came full circle and the prints were perfect,” says Siiteris. “The eSatin is great; it never fails. We also like LexJet’s Hot Press Rag and Sunset Select Matte Canvas, but our absolute favorite is Photo Tex, which we use for wall murals and corporate offices. We even use the scraps for Post It Notes around the house.”

For more information about NBM’s Star Rep Program and to nominate your favorite rep, go to To contact Sean McGettigan and congratulate him on this honor, email

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