Discover Your Perfect Match: Explore Innovative Entry-Level Printers

A name synonymous with engineering brilliance and groundbreaking innovation, Mimaki continues to be a trendsetter in the wide-format printing world. With the latest advancements in printing technology, the emergence of innovative entry-level printers has opened new avenues for both seasoned professionals and newcomers to the industry.

Navigating the ever-evolving printing technology poses a significant challenge for print shops and businesses that wish to make a wise investment. Determining the most beneficial equipment for business growth and accessing new markets and revenue streams can sometimes be daunting, but Mimaki makes this decision easier.

Here are some essential printers and print-and-cut solutions to help get you started on your printing journey!

UV Technology

The UJV100-160 is a competitively priced UV-LED 64” roll-based printer with all the productivity features of higher-end models. It features Mimaki instant-dry UV-LED inks that adhere to a variety of media, including paper, PET film, fabric, vinyl, and more, making post-printing handling and finishing effortless. Indoor signs, POPs, and stickers can be finished quickly, and it’s also suitable for high visibility window displays, decorative transparent acrylic panels, and vivid signage such as light boxes. With UV light, UV-LED inks cure instantly, dramatically increasing printing speed and efficiency. This multi-purpose machine is suited for a variety of applications while keeping costs low.

If you love the features of the UJV100-160 but require a built-in cutter with additional features, then the UCJV330 may be the ideal solution.

The UCJV330-160, for example, has production speeds of 301 sq. ft./hr. for a four-color configuration or 194 sq. ft./hr. with White and/or Clear inks, enabling you to provide your customers with impressive turnaround times and produce more jobs with increased efficiency.

In addition, the high speeds achievable with this technology do not compromise the image quality. This is thanks to Mimaki’s newly developed patent pending ink ejection technology that reduces color irregularities in high density areas even in high-speed output mode. You can choose to enhance graphics with a glossy finish or achieve a luxurious look with a matte effect. Other notable features include 2.5D textured printing for sense of sight and touch and simultaneous clear and white ink for watermark printing, expanding the range of applications.

You can seamlessly perform print-and-cut operations, expanding your printing possibilities, including decorations, posters, labels, stickers, and more. This versatile machine is also equipped with ID cut and zero-margin crop mark functions, which support automatic and continuous cutting of various data while reducing waste.

Eco-Solvent Technology

The JV100-160 offers professional-grade printing at an affordable price, catering to a wide range of applications from fine art reproduction to vehicle wraps. This 64” printer features print speeds of up to 677 sq ft/hr. It also features new AS5 Ink with 4 color and 8 color options, including Orange and Light Black inks ensuring vibrant and precise prints. Plus, with the innovative Dot Adjustment System (DAS), Nozzle Check Unit (NCU), and Nozzle Recovery System (NRS), maintaining consistent print quality is effortless. Additionally, the included RIP software, RasterLink7, streamlines the printing process, reducing RIP time by 25%!

With a built-in cutter, the 54” CJV150-130 is your go-to high speed print-and-cut solution for a wide range of applications in light production settings. Featuring eco-solvent inks in an array of vibrant colors, including Silver, White, Light Black, and Orange, combined with advanced printing technologies and precision cutting capabilities, it empowers you to create dynamic signs, posters, banners, labels, decals, and even T-shirt transfers.

Mimaki’s entry-level printers and print-and-cut solutions are revolutionizing the printing landscape. With expansive media options and enhanced durability, these printers unlock a world of possibilities for you across various segments. Explore the potential today and embark on a journey of innovation and success with Mimaki!

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Carl Caylor

Welcome to our exciting blog series, Beyond the Lens, where we delve into the inspiring journeys of professional photographers who have not only mastered their craft but have also ventured into the world of professional printing. These talented individuals have transcended the realm of simply capturing moments to investing in their own professional printers, a decision that has propelled their businesses to new heights.

Video interviews with the artists will vary, featuring different segments such as “About the Artist,” where their printing history, preferred media, and choice of printer are explored. Other segments may include “The Perfect Print,” showcasing their image preparation process for customers or print competitions, while “About the Image” reveals the narrative, concept, and inspiration behind each artwork. Each segment may be presented separately, providing you with a thorough understanding of the artist’s journey and creative process.

Join us as we explore how they navigated this transition, honing their skills and embracing the art of printing their own artwork. Through dedication and innovation, they have found success in their photography and have also become adept at producing stunning prints, marking a significant milestone in their creative evolution. Get ready to be inspired by their stories of growth, resilience, and triumph in the dynamic world of photography and printing!

Carl’s Preferred Printing Solutions:

Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-4100

Elements Crystal Opal Gloss Canvas

LexJet Print-N-Stick Fabric

LexJet TOUGHcoat™ ThriftyBanner

Sunset Fibre Elite 285g

Hahnemühle Bamboo 290 g

Hahnemühle Hemp 290 gsm

Hahnemühle William Turner 310 gsm

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About the Artist

Carl Caylor is a seasoned portrait photographer and photographic instructor who brings over three decades of professional photography experience to his craft. Beginning his journey as a custom printer and technician, he has evolved to cover a diverse range of photographic assignments, including portrait, wedding, commercial, environmental, and photojournalism. Certified by the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and recognized as a Master Photographer and Craftsman, Carl’s expertise extends globally as an international juror.

With distinctions such as being one of 129 photographers to earn the ASP-Fellowship and garnering numerous national awards, including 29 PPA Loan Collections, as well as Kodak Gallery, Fuji Masterpiece, and LexJet Awards, Carl’s dedication to excellence shines through his work.

As the author of “Portraiture Unplugged,” a comprehensive guide to natural light portraits, Carl’s teaching methodology is highly sought after nationwide. Known for his hands-on coaching approach, he is revered as one of the most sought-after instructors in the country.

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Unleash the Power of UV Printing with UFabrik!

Introducing the revolutionary UFabrik UV Blackback Textile, a groundbreaking printable fabric designed for UV and Latex printers! UFabrik UV Blackback Textile is a high-quality 100% knitted polyester textile with a blackout-coated reverse. It’s the latest fabric developed with a high-performing anti-scratch coating, which allows direct print with UV and Latex technology and is now available exclusively at LexJet.

This game-changing fabric is perfect for:

  • Those craving the convenience of quick reprints and small run jobs with UV convenience not offered by dye-sublimation
  • Trade show pros aiming to boost productivity and cut costs without sacrificing quality
  • UV Latex users seeking a fully opaque solution for their soft signage needs


It is an ideal solution for expo walls, SEG frames, and high-quality backdrops for retail and events. If you’re in the soft signage business, you’ll love the key features that set it apart from other fabrics in the market.

Total Opacity, Maximum Impact: Hide hardware effortlessly, ensuring total blockout for seamless trade show displays. No more worrying about distractions – focus on showcasing your brand with confidence!

Enhanced White Point: Elevate your colors to new heights! UFabrik’s white point enhances the color gamut, producing vibrant prints that captivate your audience.

Durability Redefined: Crafted for lasting impressions, UV Blackback boasts heft and durability. Its scratch-resistant black back won’t peel or flake, ensuring pristine prints every time.

Streamlined Productivity: Skip the extra steps with dye-sublimation and enjoy hassle-free UV and resin printing, empowering you to easily meet tight deadlines.

Engineered for UV Printing: Experience superior results with UFabrik’s precision engineering for UV printers. From setup to finish, achieve professional-grade soft signage without compromise.

Textural Suppleness: Feel the difference with this fabric’s luxurious texture, offering a premium touch to your prints for easy folding and handling without wrinkles.


UFabrik’s UV Blackback Textile for UV and Latex was developed with a high performing anti-scratch coating which allows direct print with UV and Latex technology. UFabrik UV Blackback Textile has a bright white print surface with a black backing. It is ideal for 10 foot and 16 foot widths used in expo walls, frame wraps, and high-quality backdrops for retail and events. blackback #textile #expowall #ufabrik print #printmaking #printfabric #latexprinting #uvprinting

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Ready to elevate your trade show displays, banners, event signage, retail graphics, and more? Choose UFabrik and unleash the power of UV printing like never before!

Request a sample today and experience the future of fabric printing firsthand. To delve deeper into the UFabrik portfolio and explore its potential for your projects, connect with a LexJet Customer Specialist at 800-453-9538.

Print with Confidence: Essential Go-To Solution for High-Volume Printing

In the dynamic signage industry, flexibility and adaptability are essential. One easy solution for your customers who expect the latest in innovative and colorful signage is LexJet Solvent Print-N-Stick Fabric.

Warner Bros. Discovery’s internal print shop handles high-volume printing for its many media brands globally and has trusted LexJet Solvent Print-N-Stick Fabric for years. Specializing in custom and a wide variety of indoor and outdoor graphics, durability and ease of use are paramount to meet escalating demands.

Recently, they shared why this product has become a go-to solution for their unique print shop. What started with a heavy focus on producing posters for internal use quickly expanded to new opportunities with event signage.

A Solution You Can Count On

Jenny Newby, from Warner Bros. Discovery’s Creative Print Services, praises LexJet Print-N-Stick Fabric for its printing and mounting capabilities. It offers the shop the ability to print and mount graphics onto boards effortlessly. Once the graphic is printed, she can easily mount the material onto a board, and knows that when it’s rolled or transported it won’t stick to itself. Past projects entailed printing a graphic, spraying adhesive, and then carefully mounting the graphic onto a board. Now, the easier process allows her to simply print and stick the printed fabric onto a board, which has reduced print shop costs and improved turnaround times.

Easy Application and Removal

As with many large project installations, there may be concerns about adhering the graphic onto a surface, if not aligned properly, ruining the graphic, and having to start over. LexJet’s Solvent Print-N-Stick allows you to stick the fabric onto the desired surface, and if you need to readjust it, simply peel it off and start over without damaging the graphic. Jenny emphasizes its user-friendliness, particularly for smaller shops without professional installers, eliminating the need for costly services. Jenny said, “They don’t have to be afraid or have to hire a professional.” The material is easy for one person to use, and there isn’t the fear of stretching or ripping.

The tightly woven fabric is dimensionally stable, with a smooth finish and a satin sheen that brings graphics to life. Enhanced with an improved and more stable water-based adhesive, it removes easily with no residue, protecting walls and surfaces.

Product features:

  • Smoother weave provides detailed photographic image quality with vivid color
  • Perfect for wall graphics, contoured cutouts, and point-of-purchase displays
  • Compatible with UV, Latex/Resin, Eco-Solvent and Solvent inks
  • Certified Class A, ASTM E84 flame resistance & ANSI A127.1/A326.3 Slip Resistance for floor graphics

A truly versatile product, it can be used for wall cut-outs, wall murals, decals, signs, or window graphics.

Jenny stated, “Print-N-Stick is one of the most requested and widely used materials in our shop. The prints always look sharp, and the durability of Print-N-Stick makes it perfect for long-term wall graphics and event signage. As a shop with clients around the world, it’s important to have a material that I know will adhere well and look great each and every time.”

Sizes available:

LexJet Solvent Print-N-Stick Fabric – 54in x 100ft

LexJet Solvent Print-N-Stick Fabric – 60in x 100ft

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Save Big with Epson, Mimaki, Canon, and HP

Take advantage of big savings on a new printer. Now’s the time to buy and save big with Epson, Mimaki, Canon, and HP.


Save up to $8,900 on a SureColor® S-Series. Also, save up to $6,000 on a SureColor® F-Series.

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Save on a JFX600-2513 with an MSRP drop.

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This month, get an instant rebate of $800 on a GP-4000. Instantly save $470 on a PRO-4100S while supplies last.

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Cash in and trade up! Get up to $1,500 cash back on a qualifying DesignJet Z Series or $650 cash back on qualifying T Series aqueous printers when you trade in a qualifying printer through June 30.

To see all available DesignJet rebates, visit the HP rebates resource page HERE.

For complete rebate information, visit our rebate resource pages. If you have questions about solutions, applications, or image durability, contact a LexJet Customer Specialist at 800-453-9538.


Breathe New Life into Interior Décor

When it comes to redefining spaces with stunning visuals, nothing quite compares to the combination of ChromaLuxe® Photo Panels and Wall Tiles and Epson® dye-sublimation printers. ChromaLuxe’s vibrant panels and tiles have the power to transform any space into a stunning showcase of creativity and personality. Their state-of-the-art coating infuses images directly onto sheets of metal or wood. Paired with Epson’s innovative printing technology, graphics come to life with unparalleled clarity and precision, breathing new life into interior décor.

ChromaLuxe® Photo Panels offer an easy and creative way for your customers to elevate any space, any time, using their favorite photographs. From hotels to high-end retail, corporate settings to public spaces, art installations to décor, all spaces will benefit from ChromaLuxe® Photo Panels’ image quality and depth, producing vivid graphics that make images jump off the panels.

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For added versatility, ChromaLuxe® Wall Tiles are an easy way to showcase many of your customers’ favorite photos at once without damaging walls. Available in three shapes: square, hexagon, and rectangle, they can turn their home into a personal art gallery. The various sized Wall Tiles have a rich and colorful white wood surface giving your customers a unique way to display personal photos, even when rearranging their living space.

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Unleashing Vibrant Graphics: Epson’s Dye-Sublimation Printers

Built to serve the unique needs of interior designers, décor specialists, and other businesses, Epson dye sublimation printers are engineered to offer easy and reliable operation and exceptional quality to help your business grow and expand your product line. Epson is renowned for its exceptional print quality and vibrant graphics, making it a top choice for professionals across various industries. With Epson’s line of dye-sublimation printers, businesses can achieve remarkable results, from intricate designs to bold, eye-catching graphics.

8.5-Inch F170 Printer

Ideal for entry-level businesses or those looking to offer custom interior decor on a smaller scale, the Epson® F170 printer delivers excellent print quality. This small but mighty printer is capable of printing ChromaLuxe® panels up to 8 in. x 10 in. and Wall Tiles.

SCF170 upper+left with print



Getting started in Dye-Sub? Learn all about the Epson F170! #epsonprinter #epsonf170 #dyesub #dyesublimationprinting dyesublimation #diy #craft #crafty fyp #fyyyyyyppppppppp #smallbusiness #shopsmall #etsyseller

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 24-Inch Epson® F570 Printer

Stepping up in size and capability, the high-performance Epson® F570 printer caters to businesses seeking larger-format printing options. With the ability to print ChromaLuxe® panels up to 20 in. x 30 in. and Wall Tiles, it opens doors to a broader range of products.


Looking to upgrade your dye-sub printer? Learn more about the Epson F570! #epsonprinter #epson #dyesub #dyesublimationprinting #dyesublimationsupplies #etsysmallbusiness #etsyseller DIY #smallbusinesstiktok #smallbusinesstips_ #fyp

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44-Inch Epson® F6470 Printer

For décor projects demanding even larger dimensions, the Epson® F6470 printer is the ideal choice. With the capability to print ChromaLuxe® panels up to 40 in. x 60 in., it empowers businesses to tackle sizable projects with ease, expanding their creative potential and market reach.

64-Inch Epson® F9470 Printer

 At the top of the line, the Epson® F9470 printer offers unmatched versatility and performance. Capable of printing ChromaLuxe® panels up to 48 in. x 98 in., it caters to businesses with ambitious projects and high-volume printing needs, ensuring exceptional quality and efficiency every step of the way.

Redefining Spaces and Business Potential

No matter the size or scope of your interior décor printing needs, Epson has a dye-sublimation printer to fit the bill. With the ability to print on ChromaLuxe® Photo Panels and Wall Tiles, businesses can transform spaces and unlock new opportunities across various industries.

Whether it’s adding personalized touches to a customer’s home or commercial space or producing striking signage, Epson’s dye-sublimation printers offer the tools needed to bring visions to life. By harnessing the power of ChromaLuxe® Photo Panels and Wall Tiles and Epson technology, businesses can elevate their offerings, captivate audiences, and leave a lasting impression.

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