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Consult with your accounting professional to find out the best way to utilize the tax deduction when purchasing capital equipment before the end of the year. To get an idea of your deduction, check out the Section 179 Calculator. To claim the deduction for 2023, the equipment must be installed on or before December 31.

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Small Town Printer Makes Big Waves

In the heart of a coastal town, Surf City, North Carolina, where golden sands meet the endless sea, there’s a story unfolding – a tale of reinvention, determination, and creative passion. Meet Amy Shores, a dedicated teacher of several decades who decided to make a bold career change in the world of photography and printing, and how she’s turned her dream into a thriving business, Seaside Topsail Photography.

Amy’s story begins with a simple click of her camera, capturing the essence of beach landscapes and the warmth of family bonds in her portraits. She dabbled in weddings and came to the realization that she loved it! It was during these moments behind the lens that she realized her true calling lay in photography.


A Leap of Faith

During a busy and profitable summer, Amy’s sunrise and sunset photographs captured viewers’ hearts, leading to client requests for bridal portraits and other prints. Amidst this newfound success, she recognized the need to cut down on printing expenses and decided to bring the process in-house. With the encouragement of her fiancé, Jeff, and son, Tyler, she decided to invest in a Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-6100 printer, a tool that would become her partner in this new venture, and she grew her business from her garage.

Amy embarked on a journey of self-education, determined to master the art of graphic design and printing. Yet, there was a hurdle — she knew nothing about graphic design or printing. But instead of letting fear hold her back, she embraced the challenge with open arms. Hours turned into days as she scoured online resources and tutorials and sought guidance from her LexJet sales rep, Joe Francies. When she met Joe, she said, “I feel like I hit the lottery . . . he has answered so many questions for me. Sometimes, I call him when I’m having a bad week just to talk to him, and we talk things out. He had become more than a representative to me; he has become a friend.” With Joe’s invaluable help, Amy was committed to conquering every challenge that came her way.


Armed with a vision and determination, Amy envisioned her beachscapes adorning the walls of homes and galleries. However, the winter season brought challenges and doubts, making Amy question her career choices and contemplate if leaving her teaching job was a mistake. Financial concerns added to her worries. However, spring brought a glimmer of hope. Joe introduced her to an affordable solution, LexJet’s Elements Maldives Recycled Semi-Gloss Canvas, made 100% from recycled water bottles. As a resident of a beach town, this medium aligned perfectly with her art and her commitment to ocean conservation. She tried it and loved the beautiful sheen – she was in love! Hours were spent learning the nuances, understanding the art of color profiling, and mastering the techniques. Amy recalls, “I had a whole pile of “oops” canvas, at least a roll” as she learned her craft. Soon, her nervousness turned into expertise, as she began to produce captivating canvases that spoke volumes and increased her profits. 

 Success on Display

Amy’s artwork didn’t go unnoticed for long. She started displaying her canvases in local galleries, where her unique perspective on beach landscapes and nature found an eager audience. One of the advantages she has over other selling artists is her ability to print on demand. When a canvas is sold, she can easily print another one the same day, ensuring her customers are never left empty-handed. Owning a Canon printer and having the right canvas didn’t just mean convenience; it meant having the power to replicate her art instantly, something that would take weeks for other artists to achieve with outside labs.

Her newfound skills fueled her artistic endeavors and opened doors for her within the community. Amy started offering printing services to locals, creating a network of creativity and collaboration. Her canvases found their way into beach homes, not just as exhibits but as symbols of her unwavering spirit and determination.




Amy envisions significant growth for her studio. She has incorporated framing as a service, handled by her fiancé, and intends to establish a storefront with an expanded online presence. This platform will allow her to showcase supplementary products to cater to local residents, tourists, and individuals beyond her immediate area.

A Journey Worth Taking

Amy’s transition from teaching to photography and printing was indeed a leap of faith, but it’s a journey she wouldn’t change for the world. From novice to expert, from nervousness to confidence, Amy’s story is a testament to the power of determination, self-education, and the pursuit of one’s dreams — plus not being afraid to ask for help. She shows us that when you’re willing to embrace the unknown and work tirelessly toward your goals, success is not just achievable; it’s inevitable.

To learn more about Seaside Topsail Photography’s favorite LexJet products, contact a LexJet Customer Specialist at 800-453-9538 or visit

Speed Past the Competition by Going the Extra Mile

What began as a college hustle, creating dirt bike graphics for motocross races, naturally evolved into a successful career in the printing world for Alex Lund, co-owner of Bismarck Sign Company in North Dakota, also fondly known as “the sticker lady.”

Through working at various printing businesses, Alex learned about printers and the many possibilities for providing innovative products compared to the other local shops that all used the same materials for everything. Before starting her business, she thought, “If I had control over my own marketing and my own products and no one holding me back, how much more could I do?” Using her background in design and graphics, she and her business partners, Jennifer Francis, and Wayne Munson, rallied to make things better and started their own business, Bismarck Sign Company. “We got together and decided like, hey, let’s do it. We don’t like where we’re going right now. Let’s take the leap.”

When facing a challenge, Alex prefers to talk to someone instead of email to discuss her challenges and the best ways to work through them. That’s where Ramiro comes in, her LexJet Sales Representative. Alex says, “The one thing that stands out about Ramiro above and beyond any other sales reps I’ve ever had is he would always do the research and help me out … I felt like he was always on my team trying to help me out.”

Looking for what products would be the best to focus on for her customers during the pandemic, she turned to Ramiro for help. Alex noticed local restaurants all over town had printed sheets of paper taped to their doors, letting customers know if they were open or if customers were able to go inside. However, they did not realize that with tinted windows, drivers-by could not see the message, and those businesses were losing potential income. Her shop decided to act, and they created 30×30 inch bright yellow signs printed on HP Matte Air GP and donated them to every business that wanted one. That decision to lend a hand ended up helping her shop, too. “People were super grateful and survived through it.” When those businesses were back on their feet, they knew where to go when they needed a service Bismarck Sign could provide.

Having experience with vehicle wraps, well before air-release liners or repositionable materials were available, has made her a true expert. Alex is also a firm believer that vehicle graphics can change your business. She believes that having vehicle graphics on all her company’s vehicles has solidified her company as a trusted local company name they see daily when their vehicles travel around town. “I’ve been able to convey that same message to my customers, and there are not very many customers I have where I’ve just wrapped one vehicle. They start with one, and then they come back and do another, and then they come back and do a trailer because they instantly find out how much business a wrap draws in … especially contractors that are out on job sites and driving from location to location all day every day or parked at job sites in high traffic areas.”

Some of her shop’s go-to products are HP Matte Polymeric Overlaminate, General Formulations 285 RoughMark™ for textured walls, and HP Matte Air GP. With the frigid winters in North Dakota, they have to know which materials are best for specific applications, which is why they are trusted providers in their area for their knowledge and expertise.

Her vision and graphic design knowledge, as well as having a great team, have allowed others to take notice. Last year, Bismarck Sign Company was honored with the Bismarck Mandan Chamber’s Business of the Year award, confirming that what they do has a significant impact! They also helped start “Empowering Women in Business” as part of the Bismarck Mandan Chamber, allowing women to meet other local women, expanding their professional network, and discussing the hard truths women face every day.

Achieving success hasn’t stopped Alex from looking forward. Once a year, her shop gives out a free wrap to a nonprofit, and they have the community vote on which nonprofit will win a free vehicle wrap, wall graphic, or graphic for their storefront. Alex’s shop continues to provide many free stickers to nonprofits and schools, keeping with her name as “the sticker lady.”

Aside from vehicle graphics, Bismarck Sign Company is known for large signs, channel letters, real estate signs, and signage on job sites. To take a look at their products and what makes them a local favorite print provider, check out their website,

With two young children in tow, having survived a pandemic, and facing an uncertain future with supply issues and a staff shortage, Alex knows they are in for an exciting journey. “It’s been eventful, to say the least, but we have been able to grow each year in graphics and the sign side of things.”

After the many challenges and obstacles the business has experienced since it began, the glue that holds the three partners together is their drive to succeed and not believe failure is an option. Each one is very motivated to be successful, doing whatever it takes. And the most significant impact on their business? They remember it’s all about giving back to their community and creating customer loyalty by going beyond the extra mile.

To learn more about their favorite LexJet products, contact a LexJet Customer Specialist at 800-453-9538 or visit

Widen Your Competitive Edge

Are you tired of constantly outsourcing your print jobs? Luckily, there is an answer to your struggles – the EFI™ Pro 30h Wide Format LED Printer. This innovative printer offers many benefits that can help take your printing capabilities to the next level. If you want to streamline your print production process and boost your profitability, consider the EFI™ Pro 30h Wide Format LED Printer.

This 3.2-meter hybrid flatbed/roll-fed LED production printer brings new meaning to wide. The entry-level 30h prints on a wide variety of substrates for a wide range of applications. The EFI™ Pro 30h broadens your capabilities, versatility, and productivity. The 30h gives you the tools for a competitive advantage. Hear from LexJet customer, Eric Lazar, partner at SpeedPro Chicago Loop and winner of the 2023 Franchisee of the Year selected by the International Franchise Association. Watch this video and discover how LexJet and the EFI™ 30h gave him a winning solution.

If you have been waiting to add board or roll-to-roll print jobs to your wide format capabilities, the 30h gives you that opportunity. Four colors plus white standard opens doors for high-value prints. You also get EFI™ UltraDrop™ Technology 7pL grayscale printing. High resolution is achieved with up to 1,200 dpi.

Can it get any better? The EFI™ Pro 30h also delivers a magnetic linear drive for better drop placement and greater color gamut. Plus, this production printer offers you exceptional print quality for the following applications:

  • Day/Night backlit graphics
  • Interior décor
  • Retail signage
  • Outdoor signage
  • Wall coverings
  • Window graphics

Wide versatility opens up new opportunities

The powerful combination of EFI’s hybrid and LED curing technology helps you meet the growing demands for higher quality with faster turnaround times.  Keep jobs moving with productivity up to 2,477 ft.2 (230 m2) per hour. Additionally, the Continuous Board feature allows you to maximize the printer’s full production speeds with large boards or multiple small boards. Change over from rigid to flexible printing is fast and easy. The Pro 30h features dual roll printing for even more throughput. Now’s your chance to open doors to more applications and unique, creative opportunities.

Customer Stories: Finding the Silver Lining

Wasting time is precisely the challenge Richard Forschino, owner of Coastal Giclee and Supplies, was facing when his fine art reproduction business in Carmel, California, grew and demanded faster production. He recognized that opportunity was knocking at his door, and something had to change with his workflow to accommodate his new business stream.

Before he started his business, Richard and his wife, Delia Bradford, a well-known Impressionist artist, invested in costly printed art to be sold at art shows and festivals. At their first event, Richard recalls, “It started to drizzle, and the ink ran off the canvases that we spent a lot of money for. So, we started researching equipment and the process.” What many may see as a significant setback and unfortunate event, Richard and Delia looked for the silver lining that turned out to be a profitable business opportunity.

In the early days of his printing business, Richard relied on the equipment and media that were available at the time. He remembers the old media “had to be coated before being stretched. It was a huge process, very labor intensive… I had a flood coater. You had to print a whole roll at a time… it was costly.”

He also remembers the difficulty with the old printers during cold weather.  When the canvas got cold, the preheater warmed up the canvas, and certain ones would bubble up, causing head strikes. After some growing pains and time, Richard discovered EPSON’s introduction of an eco-solvent printer into the market, and he knew this was the solution he had been waiting for.

Richard invests in the EPSON line of printers and raves about the performance and speed of the SureColor® S80600 and its impact on his shop’s productivity and workflow. “It runs like a champ…This one’s phenomenal.”

He also discovered the Elements Polished Bianco Bright White Gloss Canvas SUV, which turned out to be a winning combination, “It’s just print and go and stretch and go. The Polished Bianco has the added feature of drying very, very quickly, we don’t have to wait very long.” The Polished Bianco has become Richard’s go-to canvas for his business and Delia’s art gallery. “It has a really nice, rich gloss level… color gamut is amazing… I’m not seeing any pulled threads through the canvas, which I’ve found in the past in many other brands.”

Coastal Giclee and Supplies has enjoyed tremendous success with the EPSON® SureColor® S80600 printer and Elements Polished Bianco Canvas, giving Richard and his staff the ability to provide high-quality art prints to artists, photographers, companies on the west coast and Hawaii, as well as local customers.

Richard and Delia could have allowed that rainy day to put a damper on their future plans, but instead, they used that experience as an opportunity to search for a solution that changed their business forecast for decades!

To learn more about the EPSON line of printers and our Elements Portfolio, click below or contact a LexJet Customer Specialist at 800-453-9538 or visit

Prints That Win: The Dreams That Haunt Me

Dennis Hammon, a PPA affiliate juror, is no stranger to the Sunset Print Awards. He and his wife, fellow photographer Cheri Hammon, have six awards between them. The beloved Sunset Print Awards have been limited over the last few years, as many shows have been virtual, but for Hammon it’s about telling the story from capture to print.

“The print is the completion of the vision of the image. We feel that’s important and why l love submitting prints,” he says. “We’re glad LexJet could do the award in 2021, even though it was virtual. I wish it were print.”

Last April, Hammon submitted a sobering black and white portrait for the 2021 PPI (Professional Photographers of Idaho) Convention. One of the essential elements of photography is “Impact,” and Hammon’s capture packs plenty of punch.

“I was teaching a workshop at the Winona School of Photography in Indiana a few years ago, and I was looking for an older gentleman or a biker persona,” he says. “I saw this guy, a Vietnam vet, wearing a POW hat. He didn’t go into a lot of stuff. He was reticent about his history, and we just talked briefly.”

After listening to his quiet reflection, Hammon knew he needed something special for the portrait. “He alluded to some sad times in his life, and that’s why I changed the lighting, to show a different kind of lighting. It’s not pretty lighting; it’s very dramatic lighting. And then I came up with the title for it: The Dreams That Haunt Me.”

His capture of a haunting moment did not go unnoticed. Hammon scored many accolades, including 100 at PP of Idaho, Best of Master Portrait – PP of Idaho, Top 10 Portraits in PPA Western District, and PP merit image. “During the judging in Idaho, three of the judges couldn’t do the rebuttals or talk because after they saw the image, heard the title, and heard other people talking about it, they were emotional and couldn’t even talk to give a rebuttal,” he says. “It’s a very emotional piece for people.”

Sunset Print Award Winner Dennis Hammon

Hammon knew right away what to do for the presentation, and although recent submissions have been virtual, he knows printing “The Dreams That Haunt Me” on Sunset Fibre Elite would have only intensified his score. “I knew it had to be black and white as soon as I saw it,” he says. “If I had printed that image on Fibre Elite, it would have sailed out of the system, I promise you.”

The Sunset Print Awards are a favorite in the Hammon household. “It’s always an honor to win that award. It’s my favorite of all. I’ve won Photographer of the Year several years in a row and – don’t take this the wrong way – but I’d rather get the LexJet than that,” he says. “It’s important to me because I know it’s a high-scoring image, but I’m also supporting a brand, which is supporting us. And I think that’s important.”

You can learn more about Dennis Hammon and his award-winning photography HERE.