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A Good Deal on Mall Advertising for Photographers

At LexJet, we believe out-of-home advertising is a cost-effective way for wedding and portrait photography studios to make themselves more visible to potential customers. The term out-of-home advertising is what used to be called outdoor advertising.

But now it refers to all of those ads you see as you walk down the street, commute to work, or attend special events. One reason out-of-home advertising works is because you can present your message to tens of thousands of people of all ages who may be hard to reach through fragmented channels such as the Internet, newspapers, magazines, and TV.   

Mall Advertising

A particularly good out-of-home advertising venue for portrait photographers is the local mall. Most malls have a mix of clothing stores frequented by mothers of young children and high schoolers or jewelry stores visited by newly engaged couples. These are just the sorts of people who tend to buy the most portraits. 

Some entrepreneurial photo-studio owners have developed their own connections for getting some of their images displayed in local malls. But if you haven’t had much luck with this approach (or prefer spending your time on other pursuits), the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) can help. 

Through an exclusive arrangement with EYE (one of the leading providers of mall display advertising), PPA has secured preferred advertising rates for PPA members in over 250 malls. The preferred rates provide PPA members with discounts of up to 20% off the standard 4-week advertising rate. Marathon Press is facilitating a turnkey program for photographers, including checking for space availability, getting approvals, creating the graphics, and coordinating printing. They can also help with graphic design-either by providing a template or custom design. To advertise in a mall near you, call Marathon Press at 800-228-0629.  You should have your PPA member number available when you call.  (If you’re not yet a PPA member, you can click here for more details on how to join.)

Malls aren’t the only location in which photography studios can gain greater visibility in their communities. At LexJet, we can teach you how to create your own ads on the sides of vehicles, in the windows of your studio, on signboards, and on interior or exterior walls. You can also create free-standing banners for use at special events.

Our wide selection of inkjet-printable films, banner materials, and adhesive-backed fabrics and vinyls can be used with whatever brand of pro-model inkjet printer you use, whether it’s a Canon, Epson, or HP printer. Call us at 888-873-7553 and a LexJet account specialist will be happy to tell you more.

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