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The Right Fit: Now That’s Customer Service!

I recently performed the one and only task my future wife delegated to me for my upcoming wedding: Find something for the groomsmen and me to wear. That’s right – no flower shopping, centerpieces or invitations to deal with, just the suits.*

Thanks for everything, Men's Wearhouse.

After going to a few different stores without any luck, I made my way to the local Men’s Wearhouse in Sarasota. The second I walked in the door I was approached by a friendly Wardrobe Consultant named Terry, asking what he could do to help me.

I let him know what I was interested in, he took my measurements, and we started browsing the store. I ended up finding a suit I liked, and it happened to be on sale. They had my size, I was ready to buy it, but of course there was a catch.

Terry let me know that it was the end of season, which is why it was on sale, and it would be tough to find six of them in the sizes we needed for the groomsmen. We could come back in the spring and definitely get what we wanted, but we’d be paying full price.

Sure enough he checked, and they didn’t have the sizes available in his store. He called around to a few other stores for me, and didn’t have any luck there either. Then he said, “Here’s the part number. Why don’t you go online and see if you can find them somewhere else. In the meantime, I’ll call our corporate office, which has access to every store’s inventory. If we can find them for you, we’ll give you a call and let you know.”

Now I’m sure Terry makes commission, yet for the sake of the customer he was willing to lose the sale and the commission so I could get what I wanted. I went home, checked online, and wasn’t able to find anything.

The following day I received a phone call from Nina out of their corporate office asking if I’d had any luck finding them online. Nope. Nina knew exactly what I was looking for, the sizes I needed, and told me she was able to find all six suits at various stores across the country. She asked when I needed them (I had plenty of time), and offered to ship them to the local Men’s Wearhouse.

The following day I received a call from Nina, letting me know they were on the way, and she gave me the date to pick them up. I was blown away by the customer service I received, and now Terry is going to get the sale he was willing to lose in order to help me out.

It looks like Men’s Wearhouse has the same goal I do as a sales team leader, which is to provide the best customer service in the industry. If you’re a current LexJet customer, I hope you’ve experienced something like this. If you’ve never ordered from LexJet, give us a shot. You’re going to like what you experience… I guarantee it.

* Okay, so I thought finding the right ensemble for me and my groomsmen was my one and only responsibility. In reality, I’ve had countless conversations regarding dishware, centerpieces, even flower arrangements. The one task I thought I had has turned into 30. But hey… Now I know what a Calla Lily is!

Justin Lehman has been at LexJet for seven years and is currently a sales team leader.

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