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Paving Their Way to Success

 I have wanted to get pavers installed around the pool area of our home pretty much since the day my husband and I moved in some 15 years ago, but I was somewhat hesitant about it after speaking with several people who had pavers installed that weren’t happy about either the process or the result.

Still, the time had come for us to replace what we had around the pool and we decided to look into pavers. We were very careful about who we selected to do the job for us. After researching several companies, we narrowed the list down to two firms.

We ventured out on a Saturday afternoon to talk to them. The first company we visited took a great deal of time with us. They explained the process, assured us that we wouldn’t have to deal with a mess for more than two days and described the process they use to make sure the pavers are even and properly aligned. They even had the job supervisor drive us around to several of the homes they had done so that we could see the quality of their work. We were so impressed that we never visited the other company.

The day the job started, the supervisor arrived with only one worker. Surely they would need more than just one person! His job was to remove and replace the existing bullnose and prepare the area for the pavers. They assured us that this part of the process would take two days and then they would get to work on installing the pavers. Those were two long (11-12 hour) days for the worker, but they finished when they said they would.

The next day the installers came out and the entire job was completed within a week. I’m happy to report that they cleaned up after themselves each day, which is the kind of attention to detail you really appreciate when you’re in the midst of any home improvement project.

The end result was exactly what we had pictured and we couldn’t be happier with our brand new pool area. What set this firm apart from all the others was their willingness to take time on the front end to explain the process and match it to our specific needs and then do everything they said they’d do in the time they said it would take to do it. Plus, they did the little things, like cleaning up every day, that added up to A+ customer service. That’s what we strive for here at LexJet… Simply making a sale is no substitute for developing a mutually-beneficial partnership that works over the long haul.

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