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ImagePrint 8.0 Is Now Available for the Epson Stylus Pro 7900 and 9900 Printers

Epson Stylus Pro 9900

ColorByte Software has completed the development of ImagePrint 8.0 RIP software for the Epson Stylus Pro 7900 and 9900 printers. The software is the first to incorporate a brand-new color-management engine that can fully utilize the expanded gamut made possible by the Epson UtraChrome® HDR inkset that uses 10 inks, including orange and green.

According to ColorByte, ImagePrint 8.0 users can anticipate seeing as much as 40% more color volume on the 7900/9900 compared to the Epson 880-series printers.

“You won’t see the benefit of our new color engine if you are printing 8-bit images or in a smaller-gamut color space such as sRGB,” explains ColorByte president John Pannozzo. “But for those who are willing to step forward and use new technologies such as 10-bit displays, ImagePrint 8.0, and Epson printers that use UltraChrome HDR inks, you will be able to print a wide range of colors never before possible.”

ColorByte has also announced that ImagePrint 8.0 is now available for the 17-in. Epson Stylus Pro 3880.

Use ImagePrint 8.0 to lay out notecards, album pages, posters, or displays

New Features in ImagePrint 8.0: If you aren’t yet familiar with this newest version of ImagePrint, check out the demos on the ColorByte website. Many of the new features can help you print a wider variety of sellable products, including photo books, art cards, posters, and canvas wraps. Here’s a brief recap:

Text: You can now add text anywhere on the page, using any font on your system. You can create text of any size or color-with or without a drop shadow.

Backgrounds and frames: When designing album pages or posters, you can add a solid or another image as a background. Then, you can frame and matte any image on the page.

Templates with backgrounds and artistic frames: Put a photograph behind your templates, or use a solid color. Every frame within the template can have its own colored background too.

Better crop marks and annotations: You can now see the crop marks and captions on the page—not just on the print.

The Boundaries feature lets you lay out multiple pages on a wide roll of media.

Boundaries: This tool makes it easy to divide your page into croppable sub-pages, making it efficient to print a higher volume of book pages on wide rolls of media. Once you’ve gathered all of the elements of a page layout (text, backgrounds, multiple images) and marked them with group crop-marks, you can easily move everything on that sub-page all at once. Everything within the area bounded by the group crop marks will keep their position on the sub-page.

Extended and mirrored edges for gallery wraps: If you are making canvas prints that will be stretch-mounted, ImagePrint can automatically extend and mirror the edges of the image to cover the sides of the stretcher bars.

A new spoolface:
ImagePrint makes it easy to monitor, edit, archive, reprint and cancel print jobs. It also enables you to control print jobs running on multiple computers and printers. With the spoolface, you can see which jobs are in the print queue and which jobs have been saved for future use. Job previews let you see a thumbnail of each file in the queue or archives.   
Use ImagePrint to easily create edges for gallery wraps.

LexJet is an enthusiastic reseller of ImagePrint software because it has helped so many professional photographers efficiently print high-quality images on a wide variety of materials.

ColorByte Software offers more than 27,000 profiles for 400 different papers, including LexJet’s own award-winning Sunset photo and art papers for fine-art and professional photographic printing. The color profiles are built for five different lighting temperatures, so that you can ensure that your fine-art photography will look its very best whether it’s displayed in a private residence or a gallery.

ImagePrint is also famous for its ability to preview and duplicate traditional darkroom techniques such as Selenium and Sepia toning on warm, cool, and neutral papers. Advanced image adjustment tools include split-toning (with preview) and Reverse Sepia and Selenium.

A demo version can be downloaded from ColorByte website. ColorByte also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you want to test the product more extensively without having “Demo” stamped across each printed image.

If you would like more information about ImagePrint software and/or the Epson 7900/9900 printers, please call a LexJet account specialist at 800-453-9538. Ask about special financing programs and other offers that make it easier to buy the Epson 7900 or 9900 with UltraChrome HDR inks.


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