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Good Customer Service is Personalized and Memorable

Last week my family and I had a great experience while dining out.  For days afterward, we continually spoke about what great service we had received with a very personal touch.  I started thinking of how this relates to LexJet and how we provide a personal touch.

When we arrived at the restaurant, they asked for our name.  We mentioned we didn’t have a reservation, but they still asked for our name.  From that moment on, we were addressed as Mr. and Mrs. Lane.  Our waiter arrived at the table and said, “Good evening Mr. and Mrs. Lane….”  We were visited by two managers who also addressed us in the same manner when they inquired if we had everything we needed.  This personalization along with great service and great food made for a memorable evening.  That is what successful service is all about— having an experience that is so memorable and remarkable that you want to go back to have that same type of experience again.  And when you go somewhere else and don’t receive the same level of service, it sticks out.

I believe from day one LexJet has tried to create a memorable experience for our customers as well as our employees.  Our goal has always been to educate and inform first, not “sell.”  If we truly listen to our customers to learn more about their needs, then educate on the available options, the customer is happy, the industry is more informed and we all have more opportunity. 

We are also personal when someone calls.  We are one of the only companies that still has real people answering the phone.  There is no phone tree, and the person answering the phone will be able to help you.  Also we maintain a database so we never have to ask you the same question twice.  Just think how many salespeople are calling and asking the same questions over and over.  With the information we gather and keep, we can focus our calls and marketing on what is important to the individual not the masses.  Some of our employees send out personal handwritten thank-you cards, holiday cards, and special items for different occasions. 

Our goal as a company is to offer the best customer experience in the industry and we are committed to continue to work hard and make your experience a memorable one so that you will come back again. We also believe you will notice when you don’t receive the same level of service somewhere else.

As part of LexJet’s leadership team, Angie Lane’s primary focus is on employee satisfaction, which includes training, personal and career development, communication and developing a thriving company culture. Angie’s ultimate goal is to translate employee satisfaction into the best possible experience for LexJet’s customers. Angie has been with LexJet for more than 15 years, is a graduate of the University of Kentucky and loves to tackle crossword puzzles, the more difficult the better.

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