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Floor Graphics Help Conventioneers Find Their Way to Special Meetings and Events

Even if a trade show officially closes at 5 or 6 pm, that doesn’t mean business is done for the day. Companies that exhibit at trade shows often schedule after-hours parties, meetings, or seminars for their dealers, franchisees, top customers, and the press. Many of these events are held in the big hotels surrounding major conference centers.

In Orlando, the Print Services Division of 11th Hour Business Solutions produces some of the large-format event graphics that go beyond what a hotel’s onsite business center is typically equipped to deliver. According to 11th Hour’s Print Services Director Mark Jacques, his team produces graphics that can help attendees find the right location within the hotel, recognize event sponsors, and bring a sense of corporate identity and excitement to the meeting space itself. Whether the event planner wants something as simple as posters on easels or more elaborate graphics such as wall graphics, banners, column wraps, or floor graphics, 11th Hour’s Print Services Division is prepared to deliver.

Most recently, Mark has been promoting the use of floor graphics—primarily as a means of keeping event attendees from getting lost as they come from the Orange County Convention Center to the hotel and as an effective way to showcase sponsors at the meeting.

Shown here are some of the “Walk of Fame” floor graphics that Burger King used to honor its superstar franchisees. For this job, Mark and his team at 11th Hour printed and installed 450 1 x 1 ft. decals, 210 2 x 2 ft. graphics, and 62 3 x 3 ft. graphics.

Because each floor graphic honored a different Burger King franchise operator, each graphic was provided by the designers as a separate file. To save time during installation, the Print Services team ganged-up six 1 x 1 ft. graphics into 2 x 3 ft. prints and output them on LexJet Simple Indoor FloorAd adhesive vinyl using his HP Designjet L25500 printer.  Other graphics for the meeting included carpet graphics printed on LexJet Simple CarpetAd adhesive and promotional banners LexJet Gloss Banner.

Floor graphic printed by 11th Hour Business Solutions on LexJet Simple CarpetAd

“I chose to use LexJet Simple Indoor FloorAd and CarpetAd vinyls after testing both materials thoroughly on a variety of floor and carpet surfaces.” says Mark Jacques. “I like the fact that the Simple vinyls produce consistency in brand colors whether I am producing graphics for the hotel’s tiled floors or carpeted meeting rooms.  The materials install easily and remove cleanly, making it easy to change out the graphics every time the hotel hosts new events.”

According to Mark, the demand for floor graphics is rising, partly because there are so many fun things you can do with them. For example, The Peabody Hotel is known for its daily parade of ducks. So, to keep convention-goers from getting lost when they were coming from the Convention Center to The Peabody Hotel for an event, the 11th Hour Print Services team used Simple Indoor FloorAd, Simple CarpetAd, and Simple MTS vinyl to create a pathway of big, colorful duck prints with the company’s name and the event sponsors.

“It was amazing to see the impact of that project,” says Mark. “I watched people follow the pathway whether they were planning to attend the event at that location or not.”

For more information about 11th Hour Business Solutions, visit the company’s website: www.11thhourbiz.com.

At LexJet, we are pleased that LexJet Simple Indoor FloorAd and CarpetAd are considered practical for promotions and events that last just a few days or a week. For graphics producers who would like to use LexJet Simple Indoor FloorAd and CarpetAd for advertising campaigns lasting up to six months, LexJet offers a Floor Advertising Warranty. The warranty assures that graphics are suitable and safe for floor advertising for up to 180 days after installation, if the graphics printed on LexJet Simple FloorAd and Carpet Ad are properly installed, maintained and protected with one of LexJet’s anti-slip laminating films, such as LexJet GraphicsGuard Velvet Floor Laminate or LexJet T-Flex.

For information about LexJet Simple Indoor FloorAd and CarpetAd adhesive vinyls, LexJet’s anti-slip laminating films, and LexJet’s Floor Advertising Warranty call a LexJet account specialist at 800-453-9538.

Click here for more information about all of LexJet’s 14 Simple adhesive vinyls for solvent an UV-curable inks.

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