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Art Imitates Life: Epson Unveils the Newest Printer with an Extensive and Wider Color Gamut

Crafted to meet the high standards of professional photographers, the NEW Epson® SureColor® P5370 17″ printer integrates cutting-edge technology with the main purpose of accurately replicating your prints just as you envision them.

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When investing in top-notch professional gear to capture priceless art, how that art is printed matters. This printer combines an advanced 10-channel MicroPiezo® AMC™ printhead with Epson Precision Dot screening technology, producing prints that have smooth tonal renditions and reproduce the details captured with today’s high-resolution cameras.

Striking Contrast and Color

The SureColor® P5370 features a 10-color UltraChrome® PRO10 Ink set in high-capacity 200 mL cartridges, including Violet for an extensive range of blue hues and wider color gamut1. With dedicated channels for Photo and Matte Black Inks, there’s no need for ink switching, which may help with streamlining your workflow, and minimizing ink wastage. Additionally, the printer’s Carbon Black Mode enhances Dmax, resulting in striking, luxurious blacks and remarkable contrast on glossy paper. Rest assured, your black and white and deep color art will now consistently match your intended vision and discerning eye.

Increase Productivity

This printer’s unique design was made for productivity and ease of use, equipped with a built-in roll feeder, auto cutter, and a high-capacity cassette accommodating up to 100 cut sheets ranging from 8.5″ x 11″ to 17″ x 22”.  With its innovative features and meticulous design, this printer empowers photographers to create exhibition-quality prints with unparalleled precision.

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1 Versus previous-generation UltraChrome® HD Ink

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