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A Simple Way to Produce Durable, Kid-Friendly Wall Murals

Here’s a great example of how a LexJet customer is using Simple Flo wrap adhesive vinyl for a project other than vehicle wraps.

The Hawaii Children’s Discovery Center in Honolulu is a warm and friendly museum with hands-on instructional exhibits for children of all ages.  So when designers of a new facility at the center wanted to enliven the walls with bright, kid-friendly murals, it’s only natural that they would want materials that not only deliver ultra-vibrant colors but also extra durability and easy cleaning.

That’s why Pro Digital LLC of Honolulu, Hawaii is using LexJet Simple Flo wrap vinyl with a luster laminating film to create the murals.  Simple Flo wrap provides the opacity needed to prevent unsightly seams with overlapping panels. The repositionable adhesive on Simple Flo supports easy installation. Air-egress channels in the adhesive help prevent air bubbles and wrinkles.

Although the 2.4-mil Simple Flo wrap vinyl doesn’t disguise underlying imperfections in the wall surface as well as a WallPro textured wallcovering material would have, Pro Digital’s Bradley Igawa reports that the client is very pleased with how the installed mural looks.

And if laminated Simple Flo wrap vinyl is durable enough for vehicle wraps (and exposure to car washes, road salt, and exhaust fumes), then certainly this wall mural can withstand the sticky handprints of hundreds of children who are encouraged to touch and actively explore nearly everything within the museum.

The final mural will consist of eighteen, 10-ft.-high panels printed on Pro Digital’s 64-in. Epson GS6000 low-solvent inkjet printer. The graphics were designed by Alan Low Design.

Instead of hiring professional wallpaper hangers for this project, Igawa and two of his colleagues at Pro Digital are tackling the installation themselves. Igawa admits that installing and aligning 18 panels of vector art can be a challenge. In this case, they started with a central panel of tree-trunk graphics that was specifically designed to wrap around a wall pillar and make the “tree” stand out from the wall.

Before installing this permanent mural, they experimented with installing Simple Flo on some walls at the Pro Digital facilities.  “Once we learned how to work with Simple Flo, it went on with ease,” says Igawa.

Pro Digital owner Simon Ong considers LexJet Simple Flo a good alternative to cast-vinyl adhesive media for certain types of wall murals. However, he recommends allowing the mural to cure for at least 24 hours after installation so it doesn’t peel easily off the wall.

“Simple Flo is easy to apply and once it is profiled, the colors are rich, accurate and wide,” adds Ong. “This job proved that Simple Flo is flexible enough to handle irregular surfaces, and still line up well with paneled vector art prints.”

Pro Digital is a full-service digital imaging company that is focused on exceeding clients’ needs, expectations, and deadlines. In business since 2001, their quiet but busy existence is mostly the result of word-of-mouth referrals from clients who have used their services.

If you have an upcoming project for which LexJet Simple Flo might be an appropriate, cost-effective option, call a LexJet account specialist for advice at 800-453-9538. Or, if you have used LexJet Simple Flo for a project that you would like to show off, send a few pictures our way with a few details about the work!

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