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Would Your Seniors Like to Be Supermodels? New Site for Photography Pros Can Help

When teens pose for senior portraits, the experience often allows them to imagine what it might be like to be a professional model. In fact, many clients often ask portrait photographer Cindi McDaniel: “What steps would I need to take in order to become a model?”

So when Cindi and her husband Ralph decided to joint develop a web-based enterprise as a sideline to their senior portrait business (Studio EnVogue), they came up with the concept for Supermodel Seniors.  The site will feature professionally photographed images of high-school seniors from all across the U.S. who dream of becoming models. The galleries on Supermodel Seniors will make it easy for modeling agencies to find fresh faces or a particular look that might be needed for a specific job.

Cindi envisions a gallery on Supermodel Seniors as an extra service you could offer to senior portrait clients who you feel has the potential to become a model. The service would also be a way to differentiate your studio from others, because not all photographers who apply for participation will be accepted. Inexperienced photographers who haven’t fully mastered the art of lighting and posing will not be allowed to post galleries; nor will the site accept images from unscrupulous photographers who are in business simply to exploit the modeling fantasies of naïve teenagers. The modeling agencies that are granted access to view the galleries and contact the seniors directly will also be thoroughly screened to ensure that they are fully licensed well established businesses.

“I’m not a modeling agent, but I do know that many models these days are promoting themselves online,” says Cindi. On many portfolio-hosting sites, it’s unsettling to see aspiring young models promote themselves alongside nearly nude models in erotic poses. Cindi says Supermodel Seniors will be the type of professionally managed site that will reassure parents or grandparents that their children and grandchildren aren’t putting themselves at risk for such exploitation.

There will be no charge for photographers who want to participate during the development stage of the site, although a nominal annual fee per gallery may be charged once the site becomes large enough to actively promote to modeling agencies and talent scouts. Each photographer can determine how they will market the service to their clients and which clients should be featured in a gallery on Supermodel Seniors.

Cindi expects the Supermodel Seniors site to be fully functional within the next two months and ready for a full-scale launch at Imaging USA 2011 in January.

If you are interested in learning more about Supermodel Seniors and want to contribute images of your best clients, please contact Cindi McDaniel at submissions@SupermodelSeniors.com or join her on facebook http://facebook.com/StudioEnVogue for more information!

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