Proof Positive: How the Epson T5000 Helps Ensure Perfect Package Printing

Epson T5000 at Printed Specialties

Printed Specialties prints packaging for some of the most prominent brands in the world. Given that, and the complexities of the printing process, every step that brings package design to printed reality must be spot-on.

One of those steps is the positioning proof, which ensures that what goes to press is properly placed. This is the final step before the design goes to the plate for printing.

Printed Specialties recently added an Epson SureColor T5000 technical printer to bring additional speed and accuracy to this crucial step.

“We use the T5000 for position proofs (digital bluelines) because we do not want to find mistakes when we go to plate. We’ve already made a color contract proof on our Epson 9900, and this verifies what will be on the press,” explains Adam Van Horn, pre-media manager for Printed Specialties. “It’s fantastic. It’s super-fast and that’s the main goal. It’s far superior to the other inkjet printers we had. We can view small type and part numbers on the proof to verify one more time the gang of different items are accurate, and that’s critical for us. We use LexJet 46# Simple Bond WR paper and let it fly.”

For a video overview of Epson’s next-generation SureColor T-Series wide format inkjet printers, click here.

More Application Opportunities for Latex Inkjet Printing

Printing Backlits with HP Latex Printers

Give your customers the benefits of backlits, posters, maps, photo prints and more with HP Latex Printers. With HP Latex Printers from LexJet you can cut down on print time since latex inks are dry right out of the printer and ready for laminating and finishing.

Plus, you get better saturation and no banding, making backlit signs deeper, richer and more vibrant. The perfect backlit inkjet media is HP Backlit Polyester Film, which not only produces super-sharp images that pop out when backlit, it’s recyclable for a sustainable print process.

For posters, maps and other temporary graphics you can eliminate the laminating step for temporary graphics since HP Latex Inks are as durable as low-solvent inks, plus latex inks are environmentally-friendly. Choose from a variety of versatile HP and LexJet inkjet media, including HP Coated Paper and LexJet 46# Simple Bond WR for economical temporary signage, maps and technical applications.

HP Latex Printers also allow you to create long-lasting photo-realistic prints on a variety of photo papers. For eye-catching posters, HP Photo-realistic Poster Paper produces vibrant images at an economical price point. LexJet also recently introduced two new photo papers for the more discerning customer: Sunset Photo Gloss SUV 275g and Sunset Photo Satin SUV 275g.

LexJet offers the HP Latex Printer lineup – including the HP Latex 210 61″ Printer, HP Latex 260 61″ Printer and the Latex 280 104″ Printer – as well as a full range of HP and LexJet media compatible with these printers.

If you are not yet using HP Latex technology and are interested in finding out more, the timing couldn’t be better since LexJet is offering a Play Now, Pay Later promotion on all printers 36” and larger, including the HP Latex 210, Latex 260 and Latex 280.