Buy a Printer Now (November) and Pay Later (February 1)

PlayNow PayLater 610x195 607x194 Buy a Printer Now (November) and Pay Later (February 1)

It’s no gamble, and it’s quite simple: Buy a 36″ or wider printer from LexJet and you pay nothing (zero, nada) until Feb. 1. Add that to ongoing rebates and incentives from Canon, Epson and HP and you can really cash in.

Act fast, because this promotion ends on Nov. 30, and the faster you act the more time you’ll have to print and pay it off before the invoice arrives in February. Plus, be sure to check into Section 179 tax incentives from the Federal government for bonus tax breaks that apply to capital equipment purchases.

Click on the links below to browse through the printers LexJet offers, make your choice from the printers 36″ and wider, call us at 800-453-9538 to order, and pay nothing until Feb. 1…

Canon Printers at LexJet

Epson Printers at LexJet

HP Printers at LexJet

This promotion ends on Nov. 30, is not available online and you must be pre-qualified to buy the printer. Call a LexJet customer specialist today at 800-453-9538 to get all the details and to take advantage of this limited-time offer.


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Regan has been involved in the sign and wide format digital printing industries for the past 17 years as an editor, writer and pundit. With a degree in journalism from the University of Houston, Regan has reported on the full evolution of the inkjet printing industry since the first digital printers began appearing on the scene. He is tasked with providing relevant and educational content to LexJet customers utilizing the wisdom of LexJet’s expert staff who share the unique and innovative ways they’ve found to help their customers.

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