The Right Solution When Performance is a Sticking Point

Some applications require a unique adhesive that offers superior performance and versatility on a wide range of surfaces and in harsh environments. One solution that checks off all those requirements, designed with the end user in mind, is LexJet Optically Clear Permanent Adhesive.

Small jobs, big jobs, this adhesive can handle them all. This optically clear mounting adhesive is a high-quality PET film engineered to meet your most demanding applications. At only one mil thick, this ultra-thin film provides exceptional clarity, offering a transparent and unobstructed view of your product or surface, making it an ideal choice for expensive acrylic or glass projects that require accuracy and exceptional quality.

LexJet Optically Clear Permanent Adhesive is expertly coated on both sides with a premium pressure-sensitive adhesive designed to provide a permanent bond to virtually any surface, such as metals, plastics, and painted surfaces, providing superior bond strength and durability, ensuring that it remains securely in place. Our proprietary solvent acrylic adhesive formula is optimized for superior performance, providing excellent adhesion even in the harshest environments. It resists heat, humidity, and other environmental factors, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

The clear PET release liner ensures easy and accurate positioning while protecting the adhesive from dust, debris, and other contaminants, making this an excellent solution for all your important jobs.

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3 Ways to Get Creative with Your Posters

In retail, posters are a way of life. They are versatile and need to meet these criteria:

  • Eye-catching
  • Easy to install or hang
  • Easy to change
  • Cost-effective

For cost-effective and eye-catching posters, it’s important to start with the right paper. For latex, solvent, and UV, LexJet Satin Poster Paper 200g has a bright, white satin finish, is water-resistant, and at $0.14/sq. ft., this is the perfect alternative to expensive photo papers that are frequently used for temporary graphics.

For aqueous printing, consider LexJet 8 Mil Production Satin Photo Paper, an instant-dry satin paper that offers fast turnaround for those last-minute requests.

Installing, hanging and changing retail graphics need to be easy, because professional installers are rarely used for seasonal merchandising or store remodels. Posters are eye-catching because of paper and print quality and final application.

Here are three different ways to create easy-to-install temporary posters:

Face-mounted Window Graphics – Window advertising is important in retail marketing, and posters can create interest before the customer even walks through the door. Use LexJet CrystalClear-X Removable Adhesive to install face mounted posters that are designed to capture the eye of passers-by. The removable adhesive offers air-channels for easy, bubble-free installation.

Hanging Graphics – Showcase your graphics with Poster Snapper Hanging Rail. Quick and easy to install, this economical aluminum hanging system is a snap to use.

Mounted Graphics – If you are displaying posters on a substrate like posterboard, PVC, or foam boards, consider a self-adhesive product like LexJet Production Satin Photo Paper PSA for aqueous or HP Prime Matte Air GR for latex and solvent. Print the graphic, stick it to the substrate and your posters are ready to shine.

Want to see these posters in action? Watch the video below: