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SGIA Launches New Online Pricing Strategy Resource

Printers invest a lot of time and energy researching the latest and greatest workflow and output technology, but it is the ability to price jobs competitively and profitably that ultimately keeps the doors open. In order to assist its members with this key task, the Specialty Graphics and Imaging Association (SGIA) has developed a new web page focusing on the challenges of job pricing. Developed to help members remain competitive in a tough business environment, the Pricing Accuracy Web page includes links to industry articles, case studies, Webinars and educational sessions.

The Pricing Accuracy resources are designed to help graphics producers better understand and improve their pricing structures, as well as alternative approaches to cost analysis. Industry professionals provide insight as to how to accurately account for overhead expenditures, apply multiple technologies and maximize the variables available through managed pricing models.

Equally important, this new web page provides important advice regarding how to hold onto a competitive edge by better communicating pricing policies to customers. Articles include such topics as avoiding undercharging, validating pricing and managing customer expectations.

Applicable to both graphics producers and garment decoration industry segments, Pricing Accuracy resources speak to multiple levels of member knowledge. Less experienced visitors may want to start with step-by step-pricing help, while others may prefer to move on to the case studies and articles covering new methodologies for maintaining reasonable margins. All in all, there is enough content in this web section to be useful to almost any size printing business.

Articles and other content have been developed by a collection of industry experts with decades of combined experience in graphics pricing and business. The Pricing Accuracy resource is available to SGIA members and is located at

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