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Hauling Ice with Simple Removable Vinyl, Plus a Bonus Vinyl Install Video

The local waste management company wanted removable graphics for its trucks, but refuses to remove them!

When the Fort Wayne (Indiana) ice hockey team, the Komets, iced the coveted Turner Cup this past May, the local waste management company wanted to honor the team’s accomplishments with temporary mini-billboards on the sides of their trucks.

Designed by Perdue Printed Products & Designer Threads and printed by GraphX Direct, the celebratory graphics were intended to ride along for just a few weeks. Given the intended time period of the promotion and the relatively flat surface to which the graphics would be applied, Graphx Direct decided to use LexJet’s Simple 6 Mil Removable Vinyl (SUV).

“One of the conditions they had for the project was that the vinyl had to be able to come off, but they haven’t taken it off. They like it a lot, but we told them that the longer they leave it on, the less removable it will be,” says Jason Price, owner of Graphx Direct. “We also needed something with a heavier weight so that we didn’t have to laminate or tape it. We love the removable vinyl for other projects like temporary signage mounted to PVC because we can mount it with our laminator and not worry about it stretching, which is nice.”

We also use the Simple Flo Wrap Vinyl for partial wraps and box trucks. It’s easy to install and the price point ensures that we can make money printing on it,” adds Price.

Speaking of trucks, here’s a video that shows how easy it is to apply Simple Flo Wrap Vinyl to a delivery truck…


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