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ColorByte Software Enhances ImagePrint 8.0

The latest newsletter from ColorByte Software has two items of interest to users (and potential users) of ImagePrint 8.0 print-management software for inkjet photo and fine-art printing.

Version is ready for download. This maintenance release is free to all owners of ImagePrint 8.0 and can be installed using ImagePrint’s Easy Updater. ImagePrint improves file browser performance by caching thumbnails. It retains the cache even after ImagePrint is closed and a new session is started at a later time.

The Queue Manager has also been updated to support re-ordering of print jobs.

In addition, ImagePrint Setup is now an extremely easy-to-follow Wizard that guides users through each step of the installation process and licensing of printers. If you haven’t yet tried using ImagePrint, the improved ImagePrint Set-Up tool makes it easier for you to install and test-drive a free trial version of ImagePrint.

The ImagePrint Spooler can archive and restore print jobs. For those important print jobs that need to be kept intact for future printing, the Spooler in ImagePrint 8.0 can now archive the job data, images, and profiles used. This feature is also handy should you ever need to reinstall the software or move it to a new computer. By archiving the queue, you can move the data without losing it.

For some excellent information about ImagePrint 8.0, visit Check out the Frequently Asked Questions section, watch demo videos on specific features, and read in-depth product reviews by professional photographers.

If you have any specific questions about ImagePrint software (including the new Print-Through Application option), call a LexJet account specialist at 800-453-9538.

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