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Canon Announces New Revolutionary Printing Technology with Modular and White Ink Options

Productivity powered by UVgel technology is one of the extraordinary features of the new Canon Colorado M-series 64-inch roll-to-roll printer. It features two speed configurations and optional UVgel white ink capabilities producing high-quality applications surpassing high productivity demands and turnaround standards.

Upgrades You Want When You Need Them

This latest addition of the M3 BASE and M5W PRO to the Canon portfolio of already impressive technology will undoubtedly spark interest in those looking for a single platform that can be configured with in-field upgrades to help meet customer needs and business growth. The scalable series, along with two speed configurations and optional UVgel white ink capabilities, also provides additional modular options. The M3 BASE configuration can be expanded up to the M5W PRO configuration over time, which includes increased functionality, such as speed enhancements, double-sided printing, dual-roll, white ink capabilities, and FLXfinish+.

With current printing technology, the days of choosing matte OR gloss are gone. With the new Canon M-series, you can choose the popular FLXfinish+ option allowing you the ability to add matte, gloss, or BOTH on the same print without additional varnish. This option opens the door for your creativity to go where it could never venture before.

High-volume customers can automate the print-to-finish process with a UVgel Print Factory or UVgel Wallpaper Factory configuration, which seamlessly integrates the Colorado M-series printer with cutting, rewinding, taping, or sheet stacking to manage volumes of at least 500,000 ft.2 per year with minimal operator time.

The Canon M-series devices can be easily upgraded to ‘W’ versions for white ink after they are purchased, allowing users to choose the options required for optimum growth as they are needed. M-series devices incorporate the latest print head technology found in the Colorado 1630 devices, which, relative to the Colorado 1650 devices, have double the nozzles, a higher firing frequency, increased durability, and a reduced number of print heads from eight to four.

Expand Your Market Reach

Customers can benefit from UVgel’s renowned performance advantages for a full spectrum of premium graphics and décor applications like window graphics, labels, and wallpaper. With new media detection sensor technology for easy media handling for even non-white applications, Colorado M-series customers can expand product offerings using heavy structured, transparent, colored, metallic, and magnetic materials. Offering new products that weren’t possible before opens a world of possibilities for growth and revenue.


Speed Up Productivity

In terms of white printing speed, the M-series outperforms its competition boasting a 2-3 times faster output while using less ink, 50-70% less1! The need to remove and store heads or shaking ink bags before printing is eliminated. Together, the revolutionary non-evaporative UVgel inks, whose gel-like consistency helps keep the white pigments suspended, and the printer’s automated maintenance features, ensure that the ink and nozzles are ready to print on demand.

For those looking for maximum productivity and speed, Canon UVgel ink delivers tack-sharp image quality and consistent color and enables immediate cutting and finishing with its instant drying properties. Its ultra-durability also removes the need for lamination. Like previous Colorado configurations, the M-series is designed to handle the workload of multiple legacy roll-to-roll printers, with industrial-grade round-the-clock reliability. Operators are no longer bound to the printer during printing with minimal operator intervention. The new Colorado M-series printers are supported by PRISMAguide XL, the powerful make-ready software offered for free with each white ink-enabled device, resulting in effortless production runs with consistent high quality.

Additional Features:

  • Compared to other ink technologies, such as latex or eco-solvent inks, UVgel technology consumes up to 40% less CMYK ink to build up the same image quality and color intensity.
  • The low-heat, energy-efficient LED curing system and ‘instant-on’ operation result in reduced energy use compared to other technologies.
  • With UVgel technology, customers can print on environmentally responsible materials such as PVC-free and paper-based media. The Colorado M-series printer fits perfectly in a sustainability conscious organization, building on the Colorado 1650 UVgel 460’s GREENGUARD Gold certification2 from UL Environment.

To learn more about this low cost of ownership solution, please contact a Customer Specialist at 800-453-9538 or visit

1 Production speeds of 312ft²/hr and 427ft²/hr and maximum print speed of 1,195ft²/hr. and 1,709ft²/hr., respectively.

2 UVgel 460’s GREENGUARD Gold Certification resulted from its testing against the UL 2818 – 2013 Gold Standard for Chemical Emissions for Building Materials, Finishes and Furnishings.


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