Windows, Walls & Doors with Latex: Second Place Decorates a Nursery

Nursery Wall Graphics

Congratulations to Illustrative Ink, Biloxi, Miss., and owners Diana and Charles Punzo for taking both second and first place in the LexJet Windows, Walls and Doors contest! We’ll outline the first-place project tomorrow as we continue to countdown the top three projects.

A creative and detailed print shop that does a lot of décor-type work for Gulf Coast casinos, Illustrative Ink’s second-place project is an interactive piece of décor for a baby’s nursery.

Repositionable Wall GraphicsAt first blush it doesn’t look “interactive,” but each piece was printed, cut out by hand, and applied to the painted purple walls.

“The idea is that the child will be able to take the flowers that go on the tree and move them around and interact with the wall,” says Charles Punzo. “When we designed the concept, I drew out the limbs not knowing how, exactly, they would fit on the wall, so we placed them when we got there. If we didn’t like the way the branches were positioned it was easy to move them around and tweak the design since we were using a repositionable fabric. The material we used is perfect for that type of job where you can move it around and change it without damaging the wall in the process. We hand-cut everything to fit the look and design we wanted. It was time-consuming, but worth it.”

The Punzos printed the project on LexJet Print-N-Stick Fabric with the HP Latex 260 (the winning projects had to be printed with the HP Latex Printer on LexJet or HP media). Stay tuned for Illustrative Ink’s Windows, Walls and Doors first-place project…