Innovative Lamination Goes Beyond Protection

For over 160 years, Marabu has been recognized for its high-quality liquid coating products and environmental awareness. Keeping with the highest industry standards, their line of clear coatings is a premium grade, high-performance line of liquid laminates that are less expensive than films and pass the test of time enduring harsh environments.

Protecting Your Investment

Liquid laminates are used for applications where a film wouldn’t be flexible enough or where a film would hide the texture of the substrate, such as canvas, vinyl, wallcoverings, fine art, jump castles or inflatables, and more. It’s also used in fleet graphics, where the cost per square foot is an important factor. These Marabu laminates can be applied using an automated liquid laminator, like the StarLam 1600R Liquid Laminator, spray gun, or a more manual hand roller process.

Searching for durable print protection options for your printed projects? Marabu offers innovative products that help extend the life of your prints by protecting them from abrasion, UV exposure, dirt, and graffiti!

Marabu ClearShield® Select

Made with the latest advancements in water-based coating technology, ClearShield® Select offers superior UV protection and chemical and abrasion resistance. It is intended to be applied with a roller or spray equipment on a wide range of digitally printed products, including pressure-sensitive vinyl, banners, and rigid substrates. It is available in gloss, semi-gloss, and matte finishes for manual and automated applications.

 Marabu ClearShield® Select for StarLam

Much like the already mentioned ClearShield® Select, the ClearShield® Select for StarLam offers superior UV protection and chemical and abrasion resistance, but it is specifically formulated to be used with roll-to-roll liquid laminators like the StarLam 1600R Liquid Laminator on a wide range of digital printed products including pressure sensitive vinyl, banners, and fleet graphics.

Marabu ClearShield® Anti-Graffiti

Graffiti isn’t just an eyesore; it can disrupt business operations, hinder crucial messaging, and diminish property value. Enter ClearShield® Anti-Graffiti, a cutting-edge liquid laminate crafted to safeguard digitally printed signage, billboards, and banners vulnerable to graffiti damage. This revolutionary coating shields against aerosol and latex paint, offering unparalleled protection. Plus, with ClearShield® Anti-Graffiti, removing spray-painted graffiti is a breeze with acetone or paint thinner, leaving the printed surface unscathed. Engineered for tough exterior conditions, this versatile coating blends durability, flexibility, and top-tier protection for lasting defense against vandalism.

ClearShield® Anti-Graffiti is a two-part, water-based liquid laminate offering industry-leading UV protection, chemical and mar resistance. It is compatible with Solvent, UV, Latex, and Eco-Solvent inks.

Marabu ClearShield® Transit

The ClearShield® Transit is a unique laminate designed for the toughest of applications. This dual-component system offers unrivaled scratch and abrasion resistance, making it perfect for applications such as truck tarpaulins and inflatables.

Effortless and Efficient Lamination

If you have a high-volume business, then the Marabu StarLam 1600R Liquid Laminator is an invaluable tool to protect your prints when productivity matters. You can achieve a smooth, even, and consistent coating, and it is even designed for single operator use! At an affordable price point, this laminator is a top choice for those ready to unleash their finishing potential.

For those that want to try out their DIY skills, another lamination technique is to coat the prints yourself. Curious to see the manual hand roller process? Take a look and see how easy it is to protect your prints manually.

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