Enhancing Customer Service by Maximizing Computer System Uptime

LexJet was recently recognized by Copia International for a perfect record of continuously running the CopiaFacts system for 398 days straight and counting without any interruption in service.

Mainting reliable computer systems
Pete Petersen, LexJet CIO

LexJet’s CopiaFacts system sends incoming faxes directly to each employee’s email as a PDF. This eliminates the need for fax machines, cuts down on paper waste and allows quicker response times to incoming fax requests.

More importantly, it speaks to the strength of LexJet’s systems and their reliability, which are meticulously maintained by a team of IT specialists led by LexJet CIO Pete Petersen.

“Ensuring maximum system uptime is an important part of our overarching goal to deliver the best customer experience in the industry. Whichever method customers want to communicate with us for help or to order products, we’re going to support it and make sure it’s absolutely reliable,” says Petersen. “We maintain a high reliability level for our critical services – like email, fax and website – to ensure customers can conduct business without having any delay in their service.”

Petersen says the key to doing that is using trusted software and hardware providers and choosing the right solutions based on customer needs. “We don’t mix and match all of our systems based on the least expensive solution available. We find the best solution that makes things easiest for our customers.”

Petersen adds that even if a system is 99.9 percent reliable, over the course of 365 days that still means eight hours of downtime during the year. That’s why LexJet’s IT department strives for 100 percent reliability year in and year out. “When someone uses LexJet’s services, they’re going to work,” he says.

The LexJet Difference: Wayne Thursby, IT Specialist

Employees that make a difference for customers and other employeesEach month, LexJet’s employees pick a co-worker who embodies The LexJet Difference, which ultimately means enhancing the customer and employee experience. This past month Wayne Thursby, LexJet’s IT specialist, was selected.

Wayne is instrumental in making sure that LexJet customers get the service and support they need from their customer specialists. He’s a firefighter of sorts, stomping out the blazes that inevitably erupt with complex computer and phone systems.

As one fellow LexJet employee put it: “My laptop was completely shut down. I shipped it off to Wayne and he diagnosed the issues and even spent hours of his personal time in the evening to get the computer fixed. Wayne did not just fix the laptop issues, he also made sure that I was able to get up and running, remotely, from another computer. He took the time to help me install all the programs I needed to be able to function and not fall behind. He showed true dedication to LexJet, his fellow employees and made a lasting impression on me. This is a great example of an employee that defines our culture.”

With his usual humorous humility, Wayne says, “They hide me in the basement and I keep things running.” In reality, Wayne is everywhere in the office or on the phone with remote workers, helping ensure that LexJet’s systems run like a well-oiled machine for the ultimate benefit of LexJet’s customers.

“I have the same attitude as the customer specialists do when they’re on the phone with a customer. I’ve worked in IT departments where the users are looked at as a problem to be managed, or cats to be herded, but it’s different here,” Wayne says. “You feel weird if you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and don’t have a positive attitude, because the atmosphere at LexJet is so positive. The challenging part of this job for me isn’t the desktop support and the computers. I know all that stuff; it’s everything else we do at LexJet because I see that everyone around here does more than their job title. I see it as an opportunity to learn all the different roles, how the company works as a whole and what makes a great company great.”

Thanks for your excellent service, Wayne, and your dedication to exemplifying what The LexJet Difference is all about. Find out more about Wayne, what he does and his approach at LexJet in the video embedded below…