Bring Customers Back for More with Your Own Photo Growth Chart

Growth chart for child photographyYou may remember reading about a LexJet customer, Darren Carlton of Capture That Photography in Prim, Ark., and his LexJet customer specialist, Michael Clementi, back in April. In case you missed the article, which you can read by clicking here, it was about a unique new idea to help Carlton draw in more new and return customers.

Carlton and Clementi came up with the idea of creating photographic growth charts, something that Carlton’s customers love. The growth chart features a photo or photos of the client’s child and a measuring stick, printed on Photo Tex repositionable fabric from LexJet.

The idea is that as the child grows a new picture can be taken and laid over the previous photo, tracking the growth of the child and encouraging parents to return year after year for updates.

Since first coming up with the idea in partnership with Carlton, Clementi has been busy creating a growth chart template for other photographers to use.

The template is designed in a way that allows it to easily be edited in Photoshop so photographers can customize it, adding their own pictures and logos. The ruler, which starts 3 inches up at the bottom so it works on walls with floorboards, can be moved anywhere on the design allowing for each growth chart to be unique.

Clementi sees a lot of potential benefits for photographers when using the growth charts. “They can have their business marketing on the charts as well. Things like logos and phone numbers or a mark that says ‘bring your child back to our studio at this height and receive a free 8×10 with your package,’ and so forth.”

The template was created to work perfectly on a 17-inch roll of Photo Tex. For a copy of the template call 800-453-9538 and ask for Michael Clementi or Justin Craft.

One to Grow on: A Unique Approach to Selling Photo Portrait Prints

Using inkjet printable wallpaper for a growth chartDarren Carlton of Capture That Photography in Prim, Ark., and his LexJet customer specialist, Michael Clementi, came up with a great idea that clients love and helps ensure return business: Growth charts printed on Photo Tex repositionable fabric from LexJet.

Carlton markets the concept to his Baby Plan clients, those who come in for baby portraits. The target age for the growth charts is 12 months old up to two years so that it’s easy to measure the child and chart their growth from there for the next five photo sessions.

So, for instance, if the child is photographed at 18 months old, they’re measured and photographed to create the original growth chart. The chart, which includes a five foot high measuring stick, is printed at 17 in. x 5 ft. on Photo Tex, and sold as part of a five-session package for $60.

Then, in subsequent sessions – say when the child is two, three, four and five – Carlton’s wife, Misti, photographs the child, scales it so that the print of the child is relative to the growth chart and prints out just the image of the child to be applied over the previous image on the original growth chart.

“The goal is to get them to come in every year, order from us and then give them a print they can add to the growth chart so they can see how much their child changes and grows. Ideally, they apply to the child’s bedroom wall as part of the room’s décor,” explains Carlton. “I put the program together a few weeks ago and I’ve showed it to about six clients with children that age and everyone of them has either done it or is coming back to do it. I’m not marking up the Photo Tex print that much, but I plan on getting more return business from it.”