A Welcome Sight: Promoting Georgia and Photography at the Border

Photo art prints on canvas

Veteran professional photographer Lee Cathey, who owns Multi-Image Studio in La Grange, Ga., will be hanging his work at a Georgia welcome center near the Alabama border this week. The welcome center, located down the road in West Point, was looking for unique photography to bring added interest to all things Georgia.

Photo art inkjet printing on canvasWith a combination of scenic Georgia shots – including nighttime and aerial views – Cathey answered the call from the welcome center. Well known in the area for his 30-plus years of commercial work, Cathey was the logical choice to add visual punch to the center.

Cathey chose about ten images, which he calls “chamber of commerce type photos,” and printed them on LexJet Sunset Select Matte Canvas with his Canon iPF8100. “It’s kind of crafty with the half-inch wrap on float frames I made for this project,” he says. “And, it helps promote the welcome center and my own giclee printing services and photography. It’s all about networking and if I pick up a customer or two it’s a good thing.”

Reproducing fine art photos with inkjet printing on canvasThe prints were finished with LexJet Sunset Gloss Coating and Sunset Satin Coating. At times, he says, he mixes the two coatings – 70 percent Gloss and 30 percent Satin – to get just the right sheen he’s after. “You get a little bit of contrast that way and the prints look nicer to me,” he adds. “I had just been spraying with aerosols before and I wasn’t real happy with that. It’s more economical, it looks better and it’s more consistent with the Sunset coatings and the sprayer. I’ve been tickled with the Sunset products.”

The canvas wraps range from about 35 inches wide to 16” x 20”. Most of the prints are in the 20” x 24” range. “I’ve got about ten prints and I’m debating whether or not I have space for that many,” says Cathey. He’ll find out on Thursday when he hangs the prints at the welcome center. His exhibition is expected to run through Dec. 31.