Unleash the Power of Synergy

The right printing and cutting solution can empower a business to meet tight deadlines, increase product quality, and stay competitive in today’s fast-paced markets. Cutworx USA’s complete finishing solutions offer award-winning flatbed cutters engineered with innovative technology, delivering unparalleled accuracy in every cut. Paired with EFI’s innovative printers, the Cutworx cutters are key to a seamless workflow solution to help reduce costs and increase productivity.

Cutworx cutters are engineered to automate the finishing workflow process reducing time and labor. You can increase productivity with these in-house multi-functional precision high-speed digital cutting solutions that can cut, crease, decal cut, and oscillate cut materials.

Performance and Functionality You Can Depend On

The Cutworx Apex Plus 3516 Digital Flatbed Cutter size 63”x138” can cut corrugated plastic, PVC, banner stock, foam boards, aluminum composite materials, textiles, plexiglass, acrylic, and more. It offers innovations and improvements like a re-engineered steel welded frame, enhanced vacuum system design, and sound reduction system lowering decibel range, making it ideal for office settings. The high-speed belt drive system also improves operation and efficiency.

The Apex Plus 3516 offers some unique features:

  • Optical Auto Tool calibration
  • Automatic tool changer
  • Variable Vacuum Zone providing focused material hold down strength
  • Aircraft aluminum table
  • Auto sheet feeding system available for increased production

Built to endure the toughest tasks, Cutworx cutters are crafted from premium materials, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability. Save time and effort with Cutworx flatbed cutters’ efficient design and embrace the freedom to tackle diverse cutting challenges easily!

Adaptability for All Your Needs

Cutworx offers diverse tools to enhance workflow and meet your various business needs. Some router and tool options that are available are:

  • 350w Air Cooled Spindle/Router (60k rpm)
  • 1.8kw Water Cooled Spindle/Router (60k rpm)
  • Creasing Tool (CT)
  • Driven Rotary Tool (DRT)
  • Electronic Oscillating Tool (EOT)
  • Electronic Oscillating Tool 4 (EOT-4)
  • Kiss Cut Tool (KCT)
  • Perforating Tool (PT)
  • Pneumatic Oscillating Tool (POT)
  • Pneumatic Rotary Tool (PRT)
  • Universal Cutting Tool (UCT)
  • Variable V-Cut Tool (V-VCT)

Innovative Printing Solution

EFI offers a wide selection of printers to fit your business needs. An excellent option that complements the Cutworx Apex Plus 3516 is the EFI Pro 30f printer, creating a complete and powerful print and cut solution. Here are some notable features:

  • High productivity and image quality at a competitive price
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive printer operation and maintenance for more application possibilities
  • Four colors plus dual channels of white standard and single-pass, multilayer printing
  • UltraDrop™ Technology with variable grayscale for better color gradients and smoothing capability
  • Powerful EFI LED technology for lower power consumption, less waste, and the use of thinner substrates
  • Print on clear and colored media, as well as specialty media, such as wood, metal, or glass
  • Supports media up to 4 in (10 cm) thick
  • Supports heavy media up to 400 lbs. (180 kg)

Unleash precision and increased efficiency with Cutworx cutters and EFI printers, a complete and seamless workflow solution. To learn more, contact a LexJet Customer Specialist at 800-453-9538 or visit LexJet.com.