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Window Shopping with Inkjet Printed Graphics at Unlimited Exposures

Wall Murals and Window Graphics
Brett Feldman of Unlimited Exposures uses large format inkjet printing to help drive photography sales from the street and in his studio with window and wall graphics.


Brett Feldman, owner of Unlimited Exposures, Manalapan, N.J., knows the value of taking his business to the streets and driving traffic to his studio with large-format versions of his stellar photography.

Window Graphics
Brett Feldman’s latest window displays, printed on LexJet Water-Resistant Satin Cloth, look great from the outside and the inside of his studio, Unlimited Exposures.

Brett utilizes a variety of inkjet media from LexJet to make this happen and has had great success with this approach. As noted in an earlier post here at the LexJet Blog, he finds unique applications for his Canon iPF8300 inkjet printer, not only for self-promotion, but as value-added printing for the events he photographs.

At his streetside studio in Manalapan, Brett decorates both his windows and the interior of the studio with samples of his work. For about six months he featured his wedding and communion photography on the outside of his window with LexJet Aqueous Perforated Window Vinyl (70/30).

Perforated Window Vinyl Graphics
This window display, printed on LexJet Aqueous Perforated Window Vinyl, was up for about six months before Brett Feldman switched it up in favor of banners that hang inside the studio windows.

“Some kids were picking at it and dismantling it, but it was up for quite awhile before they vandalized it. My studio has an overhang, so there was no rain but a lot of sun on the images, and they weathered well. It definitely brought people to our doors and the material printed well and applied with ease,” Brett says.

Since then, he decided to bring the images indoors and inside the four fronting windows of his studio. Now, all four windows feature images printed on LexJet Water-Resistant Satin Cloth.

For these displays, Brett uses LexJet Heavy Duty Banner Tape to create pole pockets on the top and bottom of each banner, which are then hung from curtain rods that go through the pockets and are tied off with fishing line that attaches to the ceiling.

Brett also uses Photo Tex from LexJet for a wall mural inside the studio. His large-format inkjet printing serves a dual purpose: to bring people inside and make sales, and to test inkjet media for various applications.

“Most of it gets tried out at the studio and then we take it out to sell it to our clients. I end up printing a lot of banners and other specialty graphics for people who see them in our studio and at the events,” he adds.

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