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Whole Foods Takes a Fresh Approach on In-Store Signage

If you’re in the printing business, you likely go into a store like Whole Foods and notice the signage right away. Posters and banners and point-of-sale displays jump out at you for their crisp colors, clean design and effective placement.

Plotter_BannerFor Whole Foods’ South Region, that’s managed and designed by a four-person Metro Artist Team, the first of its kind for the company.

“We’re responsible for eight stores in Atlanta and two other south region stores, and we support the rest of the south region,” says Justin Kendall. “We handle a lot of the graphic design and the printing of banners, posters and additional marketing collateral. The stores change very frequently, so there’s constantly a stream of printing going on.”

To get the job done, the team operates two HP DesignJet Z6200 printers as well as a latex printer and Xerox printers. Many of the stores in the region have artists and printers, too, but the Metro team pumps out much of the work.

“The HP DesignJet Z6200 is an easy-to-use printer that they can do a multitude of different things with,” says LexJet’s Matt Bailey, who works daily with the Whole Foods team. “They need to get really specific colors, like the Whole Foods green. You can’t just run that with any CMYK printer. They have to be able to achieve the exact logo color. To do that, the DesignJet is a good way to go.”

IMG_3445Bailey offers technical support and regularly recommends the right media for the wide variety of jobs the team dreams up. Their go-to media options include LexJet TOUGHcoat Water-Resistant Polypropylene, LexJet Promo-Point Decals andLexJet TOUGHcoat ThriftyBanner, to name a few.

“We’ll tell Matt the issue we’re having, and he’ll give us a suggestion and pricing, so we know what to expect,” says Whole Foods’ Katie Lawter. “If the product doesn’t work out, we can send it back, so there’s no fear in trying something new.”

Some recent projects included a kit for a case wine sell, with banners, posters, hanging circles, bar toppers and more; as well as a project that included combining the use of the stores’ chalkboards along with images of employees printed on the wide-format DesignJet (pictured above).

“The artists are incredibly inventive,” says Kim Calloway. “The different stores come up with new ways to create cool stuff and new ways to use the printers, and then they share the best practices with other stores, too.”

Partnering with LexJet’s technical expertise, extensive media options and attentive customer service is key to keeping the operation on track.

“LexJet has very fast customer service and tracking information on our orders,” Calloway says. “We choose our products with a lot of help from the reps at LexJet, and the service we get every day is exemplary.”

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