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Welcome to Elements, a Brand that Breathes Life into Art

The essential Elements of art are inspiration, motivation, and dedication. The spark of inspiration ignites the flame of motivation which blows into the fire of dedication. Without those building blocks, all that remains is a dream.

Elements will provide LexJet customers with additional options for high-end products to help our clients meet their needs, keep their costs low, and increase profitability. The first products to debut from the Elements brand are three high-end canvas collections.

Learn more about the new Canvas Portfolio from Elements and see how it inspires you:

The Gemstone Collection – Brilliant Quality

The most luxurious jewelers in the world select only the brightest and most brilliant gemstones to craft masterpieces for their clients. As a jeweler desires the perfect gem, artists also want a high-quality canvas for their works of art. The Gemstone Collection is an exquisite collection tailor-made for artists and photographers to showcase their masterpieces. The quality of the canvas enhances the beauty of art.

Elements Fire Opal – Produce stunning gallery wraps so bright the colors will pop right off the canvas. Fire Opal – a part of the Gemstone Collection – is a polycotton matte canvas that features a 2 over 1 weave that will bring any masterpiece to life. Compatible with leading aqueous printers like HP DesignJet, Canon imagePROGRAF, EPSON P-Series printers, and others using dye or pigment ink.

The Quarry Collection – Rock Solid Performance

The purpose of a quarry is to bring the strength of the earth to the surface. Like versatile granite harvested from the planet’s depths, the Quarry Collection brings the strength of the canvas to the versatile world of high-volume production of art.

Elements Carrara – Design in high style and high volume with Elements Carrara OBA-Free Semi-matte Canvas SUV. A bright semi-matte polycotton canvas that has a 2 over 1 weave that and is free of OBAs. It is compatible with latex, solvent, and UV curable printers. An excellent choice for creating high-volume commercial décor, Carrara OBA-Free Semi-Matte Canvas SUV offers rock-solid performance.

Elements Bianco – Create elegant art with Elements Bianco White Satin Canvas SUV, a radiant white polycotton satin canvas with a 2 over 1 weave. This brilliant satin canvas is compatible with latex, solvent, and UV curable printers. Designed for high-volume commercial décor, Bianco offers stellar performance every time.

Elements Polished Bianco – Deliver chic décor Elements Polished Bianco, a polycotton canvas with a smooth gloss finish, designed for high-volume production. Polished Bianco has a 2 over 1 weave and a gloss finish. Get outstanding results every time with this latex, solvent, and UV curable compatible canvas.

Elements Kashmir – Deliver durable polyester satin canvas décor with Elements Kashmir Bright White Production Satin Canvas SUV. The perfect solution for high-volume production runs, Kashmir Bright White is compatible with latex, solvent, and UV compatible printers and offers a 2 over 1 weave.

The Boundless Collection – Art without Limits

Boundless means “without limits.” The sun, the sky, and the oceans all have an endless quality, but they must be protected, or their beauty will end. The Boundless Collection includes recycled water bottles, proving that art has no limits.

Elements Andes – Create art that was meant to be the star of the show. Elements Andes Recycled Satin Canvas SUV polyester canvas features a satin finish with a 2 over 1 weave and is compatible with latex, solvent, and UV curable printers. 100% of the polyester resin is made from recycled water bottles. Andes Recycled Satin Canvas SUV is an innovative product that brings art to life while helping reduce plastic waste that clutters the beauty of land and sea.

For more information on Elements, please visit our booth at The LexJet Experience or contact a LexJet specialist at 800-453-9538.

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