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The Final Print Caps Off Photo Students’ Thesis Projects

Earning a photography certification from the New York Film Academy encompasses everything from learning to shoot and use equipment to mastering the art of printing. That breadth of knowledge is put to the test as photography students spend an entire semester on their thesis project, fine-tuning their concept, shooting photos, receiving critiques, editing their images and, finally, printing the end result to display their work to the world.

The best images of the semester are chosen for display for the students’ graduation ceremony, and left up, gallery-style, on the walls for several months.

20160418_100236_resized“Historically, we’d have the students pick the papers, and print and frame the photos for the final show,” says David Mager, chair of the Photography Department. “But we came to the realization that the kids were spending $1,000 to print and frame stuff they weren’t going to do much with afterwards. So I asked: How can we make this more cost effective and still have a good show?”

He opted for a self-adhesive paper that could be printed on his large-format Epson printer. However, the first product he chose was difficult to profile, and it took a lot of time and trial and error to perfect the colors.

That’s when he learned about LexJet Print-N-Stick Fabric. “We saw how simple it is to print on immediately,” says Mager, who also switched to a Canon imagePROGRAF iPF9400 printer. “The profile was great, and the color was really true, so that’s what we completely switched over to.”

With Print-N-Stick, Mager was able to use LexJet’s provided profiles without a hitch. “Right out of the box, we just load the LexJet profile, and we’re set,” he says. “It’s such a simple thing for students to be able to learn to print on, and it looks great on the wall.”

Nearly 100 people attended this year’s graduation ceremony, where several photos were presented, ranging in size from 16-by-12-inch to 10-foot-tall prints. After the event, Mager says he likes to choose a few of his favorites for his office, and Print-N-Stick’s ease of use is definitely a plus when installing, removing or repositioning.

“The cost is quite low, so each semester we can just clear the wall, and start all over again,” he says.

To learn more about NYFA’s photography school, check out its website here.

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