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Tech Corner: First Review of the All New Canon PRO-4000S/6000S

Great things come in small packages. The all new redesign of the Canon ImagePROGRAF Pro-4000S and Pro-6000S looks and performs as a completely different machine than the prior generations. Improved print performance and speed along with a much smaller footprint are some of the differences that make this printer stand out in its class.

Making something better than its predecessor has its challenges, but understanding what the end user wants is one of Canon’s designers’ strongest attributes. They have their ears open to their consumers, and this new series really proves that.

Canon cares about print quality, permanence and productivity, but also about how much space their product takes up in your shop. Out of the choices available in the market, these printers now take up the least amount of space.

The complexity of the take-up system, which is optional on the 4000S and standard on the 6000S (hint: take the option; you’ll be glad you did), adds another productivity boost on top of speed that no others have attempted before. A take-up system that can also function as a dual roll unit is an entirely new idea, and I have to say it works flawlessly.

Canon ImagePROGRAF Pro-6000S

The printer has also taken a turn for the better when it comes to handling the loading of the machine.  With just a quick beep and a button push, the printer takes the media into the printer and registers it. No more opening up the top hatch and lining up the paper (which you can still do if the printer detects a skew of some sort).

When analyzing the print quality versus the previous imagePROGRAF 8400S, the difference is astounding. The prints are visibly sharper, especially with fonts and vector graphics. This is due to the increased accuracy from the changes to the chassis and the new PF10 print head. Yes, I said print head – singular. There is now just one print head instead of two. This cuts down on the consumables cost, since they are replaceable.

Overall first impressions are: 1.) Setup is much easier; 2.) Print quality is much higher; and 3.) The speed improvements and structural improvements (dual roll option) will help you produce more with your printer than before.

Canon is moving forward into a new realm of productive, high-quality graphics machines with the new imagePROGRAF Pro S Series. I don’t know what they could do next to improve from the current class, but they’re always listening!

NOTE: We are currently taking pre-orders for these printers. Call LexJet today at 800-453-9538 to reserve your spot in line for a new Pro S Series printer.

Going on 10 years with LexJet, Michael has played an integral part in sales of wide-format printers. Having amassed extensive product and application knowledge, Michael was named the head of LexJet’s “Experience Center” where customers can gain knowledge of wide-format printing with all technologies and applications. He is also a team leader in charge of LexJet’s Tech Support and installation division.

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