More than 100 Educational Videos Now at LexJet’s YouTube Channel

YouTube educational videos for wide format inkjet printingLexJet’s YouTube channel has been the go-to destination for professionals in the wide format inkjet printing industry, photographers who print in-house, fine art reproduction companies and others involved in inkjet printing with new educational and how-to videos covering a wide range of topics – from printer setup and workflow to demonstrations of new products – at

LexJet’s YouTube channel currently hosts more than 130 videos divided into nine featured playlists: Canon iPF Printers and Workflow, Epson Stylus Pro Printers and Workflow, HP Printers and Workflow, Education, Product Demonstrations, Onyx RIP, Display Hardware, Infinium and Around LexJet.

“Most of LexJet’s videos are produced based on customer requests for help with troubleshooting various print processes, from developing and preparing a wide format job in the software to finishing the graphic once it’s printed,” explains Sean McGettigan, LexJet’s video production director. “Though our customer specialists are here to provide free and unlimited product and technical support, the videos are an excellent supplement to our services.”

The Printer and Workflow playlists for Canon, Epson and HP include printer setup videos, how-to videos for printing through various applications (like Photoshop, Illustrator and PDFs), troubleshooting and demonstrations of various printer functions, like properly loading media and ink.

The Education, Product Demonstration and Display Hardware playlists include how-to videos on a number of subjects, like how to coat canvas, how to use Sunset Stretcher Bars for canvas wraps and step-by-step banner stand assembly.

The Onyx RIP playlist shows users how to use the Onyx RIP to maximize efficiency and color output in the wide-format printing process. The Infinium playlist shows how the industry’s first transportable and conformable print material can be applied to a range of substrates, from leather to wood, and the Around LexJet playlist gives an inside view of LexJet’s unique culture at its offices in Sarasota.

According to McGettigan, viewership at LexJet’s YouTube channel increased by more than 1,000 percent in 2011 over the previous year, and plans are in progress to continue this growth curve by introducing five to ten new videos per month in 2012.

For more information and to stay updated on the latest technologies and products for wide format inkjet printing and how to use them, go to

Tiling an Image in Onyx X10

How to tile images for wide format printing

It doesn’t matter how big your printer is. Eventually, you get a job that’s too wide to fit on a given roll of media. That’s where tiling comes in.

Tiling separates a job into two or more pieces so you can print an image that is larger than your media size or break an image into specific sizes for display or mounting purposes. Perhaps the job needs to fit into store-front window frames, or you’re wrapping a vehicle, or maybe you want to use tiling just to keep the installation manageable.

In the video embedded below, learn how to tile an image in Onyx X10.

If you have any questions about Onyx X10 or tiling an image, please contact a LexJet customer specialist at 800-453-9538.

Onyx X10: Adding a New Printer and Profile, and Using the Clone Tool

In a recent post we discussed and posted a video showing you the workflow for printing with Onyx X10. Some other common things that you may need to do when using Onyx include adding a new printer or importing a new media profile.

Additionally, if a media profile isn’t available for a particular media that you are printing to, the Clone tool found in the Onyx Media Manager is a great option for determining which existing media profile may work best.

Embedded below in the order shown include: Adding a New Printer, Adding a New Media Profile and Using the Clone Tool to Select a Profile…

Printing With Onyx X10

Printing through Onyx 10 RIP softwareOnyx is a powerful RIP software that allows users to maximize their print workflow efficiency with automated and custom nesting tools that help to maximize media savings. Users can also benefit from the automatic PANTONE, RAL, and HKS spot color matching while printing native PDF, EPS and Raster images.

For more information about the latest version and some of its other many features and benefits, check out this previous post on the LexJet Blog.

In the video embedded below you’ll learn the workflow for printing with Onyx X10…

How to Print a PDF with a Canon iPF Printer

How to print a PDF from a Canon iPF printerThe workflow for printing a PDF from Adobe Reader with a Canon iPF printer is a bit different than the typical workflow used in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. Unlike printing a PDF from Adobe Reader with an Epson Stylus Pro Printer, however, the Canon printer driver allows you to select an ICC profile when printing directly from Reader.

In the videos below you will learn the workflow for printing directly from a PDF to a Canon iPF printer using a Mac or a PC, in that order…