New Year’s Inkjet Printer Rebates from Epson

Low solvent inkjet printerTo help ring in the New Year, Epson just announced its latest round of mail-in and instant rebates available through LexJet. The mail-in rebates listed below are good through Jan. 31 and the instant rebates are good through Feb. 28…

Mail-In Rebates
$100 for the Stylus Pro 4900 w/ UltraChrome HDR Ink
$250 for the Stylus Pro 3880 w/ UltraChome K3 Ink, Stylus Pro 3880 Signature Worthy Edition and Stylus Pro 3880 Designer Edition
for the Stylus Pro 4900 Designer Edition

Instant Rebates
$500 for the Stylus Pro 7890 w/ UltraChrome K3 Ink
$750 for the Stylus Pro 7900 w/ UltraChrome HDR Ink, Stylus Pro 9890 w/ UltraChrome K3 Ink,  and Stylus Pro 9890 Designer Edition printers
$1,000 for the Stylus Pro 9900 w/ UltraChrome HDR Ink and the SureColor S30670 low-solvent 64″ printer
$2,000 for the Stylus Pro 11880 w/ UltraChrome K3 Ink

For more information about these rebates and to find out about bundle deals from LexJet, contact a LexJet customer specialist at 800-453-9538.

Printing for a Cure

Printing for charity with window graphicsWhen Rick Hillbrand’s neighbors set up a non-profit to find a cure for Fanconi anemia (FA), the owners of Cottrell Printing in Centennial, Colo., pitched in with pro bono printing, which the company has been doing since the Kendall and Taylor Atkinson Foundation (KATA) was created about seven years ago.

The Atkinson’s lost two children, Kendall and Taylor, to the rare bone marrow disease and have dedicated much of their lives to eradicating it and helping others who have been diagnosed with FA.

“They’ve raised over $1 million and the money goes directly to research. The money they’ve raised has also benefitted cancer research since there are similarities in the treatments,” explains Hillbrand, one of Cottrell’s owners. “It’s not just cash donations that help worthy non-profits like KATA; print shops like ours can really help defray their advertising costs and get the word out.”

Cottrell Printing’s latest project for KATA was at a local McDonald’s, which is donating proceeds from its food sales on Dec. 15 to KATA. Cottrell Printing created two window graphics for either side of the McDonald’s, and printed about 20,000 flyers, to encourage the neighborhood to participate in the drive on Dec. 15.

Cottrell Printing used LexJet Simple Perforated Window Vinyl (60/40), which was printed with the company’s HP Designjet L25500 and then applied to the outside of the windows. “The printing went well and the installation was easy with two people. There were no complications at all, particularly since they were installed at street level,” says Hillbrand.

They also added a QR code to each print: “We’re using QR codes on our prints more often now; it’s a good way to get people to go to a site and find out more about it. A lot of people will scan it just because it’s there if they have that app on their phone. They don’t have to remember a website; it’s just snap and go,” adds Hillbrand.

For more information about KATA and how you can help, go to

End of Year Rebates from Canon, Epson, HP

Inkjet printer promotions and rebates
Donald Stocks of PIP Printing in Greenville, N.C., took advantage of the combination of rebates and the LexJet iPad Mini promotion. He's up and running with his new Canon iPF8300S, shown here printing on LexJet 8 Mil Production Satin Photo Paper. Stocks said, "The pricing was great and the iPad Mini was icing on the cake."

Just in time for Christmas, following are a variety of rebates and promotions from Canon, Epson and HP, most of which end on Dec. 31.

Speaking of Dec. 31, don’t forget to take advantage of LexJet’s free iPad Mini promotion: Buy a 42″ or wider printer and/or laminator, plus $500 in inkjet media or laminates, and you get a free iPad Mini. To top it all off, you don’t pay anything until Jan. 31.

As Gary Kingsbury, owner of The UPS Store in Homestead, Fla., put it: “I’m very pleased with the deal, especially since a starter set of ink is included; that’s not an insignificant value in and of itself. My net cost on the printer is quite low when you consider everything you get with it.

From now until Dec. 15 you can take advantage of mail-in and trade-in rebates, which can be combined:

  • iPF6400: $300 trade-in rebate (must include a photo of any 17″ or wider printer), plus a $300 mail-in rebate
  • iPF6450: $500 trade-in rebate (must include a photo of any 17″ or wider printer), plus a $350 mail-in rebate
  • iPF8400: $800 trade-in rebate (must include a photo of any 36″ or wider printer), plus a $1,000 mail-in rebate
  • iPF8400: $400 trade-in rebate (must include a photo of any 17″ or wider professional printer), plus a $1,000 mail-in rebate
  • iPF9400: $1,000 trade-in rebate (must include a photo of any 36″ or wider printer), plus a $1,500 mail-in rebate
  • iPF9400: $500 trade-in rebate (must include a photo of any 17″ or wider professional printer), plus a $1,000 mail-in rebate
  • iPF9400S: $1,000 trade-in rebate (must include a photo of any 36″ or wider printer)
  • iPF9400S: $500 trade-in rebate (must include a photo of any 17″ or wider professional printer), plus a $1,000 mail-in rebate

And, while supplies last, there are also ongoing trade-in and mail-in rebates on Canon’s other printers:  $300 on the iPF6300, iPF6350, and iPF8300S; $880 on the iPF8300; and $1,200 on the iPF9000S and iPF9100. For trade-in eligibility you must have a 17” or wider printer for the 24” Canon printers, or a 36” or wider printer for the 44” or 60” Canon machines.

Mail-in rebates include $350 for the Canon iPF5100, $500 for the iPF6300, $1,000 for the iPF6350, $1,000 for the iPF8300 and $3,200 for the iPF9100. The trade-in and mail-in rebates on these printers can be combined where applicable.

For complete rebate terms, go to and pick up a claim form online at

Epson’s December mail-in rebates for its line of 17″ printers include:

This month’s instant rebates include:

And, you get a 30% Money-Back Mail-in Rebate for qualifying EPSON Signature Worthy Cut Sheets through Nov. 30. Eligible products include 8.5″ x 11″ and 13″ x 19′ cut sheets of EPSON Cold Press (Bright White and Natural), Exhibition Fiber, Epson Hot Press (Natural and Bright White) and the Signature Worthy Sample Pack.

Trade in your 42″ or wider aqueous or 30″ or wider solvent printer/printer-cutter and get $3,000 cash back when you buy an HP Designjet L26500 61-inch latex printer.

And, you can trade in your large-format aqueous or solvent printer/printer-cutter (54″ or wider) and get $10,000 cash back, or trade in a 42″-53″ aqueous or 30″-53″ solvent printer/printer-cutter wider and get $6,000 cash back when you purchase an HP Designjet L28500 104-inch latex printer.

These Upgrade to Latex Winter 2012 promotional deals are good through Dec. 31 and claims must be submitted by Jan. 31, 2013.

Plus, with the HP StartRight Program, receive up to $300 in free HP large-format media with the purchase of select HP Designjet printers. Go to for more information.

For complete promotion details and a claim form for the HP Upgrade to Latex Winter 2012 promotion, click here.

For more information about the printers, to take advantage of these rebates as well as fantastic bundle deals from LexJet, contact a LexJet customer specialist at 800-453-9538. And, to download rebate forms, go to

Get a Free iPad Mini and Don’t Pay until Jan. 31

Buy a printer and get a free iPad MiniA sweet deal just got sweeter as LexJet is giving away an iPad Mini with every purchase of a 42″ or wider printer and/or laminator plus $500 of qualifying LexJet media (inkjet-printable media, laminates, adhesives and backers) for the next 30 days or while supplies last. The sweetener is the fact that when you take advantage of this promo you don’t have to pay for anything until Jan. 31, so there’s a good chance you can pay it off before you pay for it.

“When we saw the LexJet promotion that was going on, especially with the rebate from Canon, it was so inexpensive that you could almost not afford not to buy a new printer. And, who wouldn’t like to have an iPad Mini?” says Douglas Spurlock, owner of StudioWest in Anthem, Ariz.

Go to to see how much time you have left to take advantage of this special promotion for a free iPad Mini. Then, contact a LexJet customer specialist by phone at 800-453-9538 to cash in on this offer (the promotion can only be redeemed by calling in for it and is not available online).

“I thought the pricing was great and the iPad Mini was icing on the cake. We’re getting up and running on the Canon iPF8300S we got through the promotion and everything is looking great so far. We installed it ourselves and it took only about an hour with all the how-to installation videos LexJet has posted on its YouTube site,” say Donald Stocks, owner of a PIP Printing location in Greenville, N.C.

Printing fine art with an inkjet printer
Douglas Spurlock, owner of Studio West in Anthem, Ariz., put his new Canon iPF8400 to use printing Alexei's Pride, a limited edition by Russian artist Alexei Butirskiy.

Qualifying printers at LexJet include, but are not limited to: Canon’s iPF8400S 44-inch printer and iPF9400S 60-inch production printer; Epson’s SureColor S30670 low-solvent production printer and Stylus Pro 11880 64-inch photo printer, and; HP’s L26500 61-inch and L28500 104-inch production latex printers, Z3200 44-inch photo printer and Z6200 42-inch and 60-inch photo printers.

Qualifying laminators at LexJet include, but are not limited to:  GBC’s 2080WFt 79-inch cold, hot laminator, Seal’s 44 Ultra Plus 44-inch cold, hot laminator, Daige’s Solo 55-inch cold laminator, and D&K’s Expression 42 Plus cold, hot laminator. For all the qualifying brands, equipment and media/laminates, go to

As an added bonus, all printer and laminator purchases come with free shipping and a $9.99 flat rate on all other orders from LexJet’s nationwide network of distribution centers. Plus, you’ll get free and unlimited product and technical phone support from your customer specialist.

With additional bundled offers from LexJet, Section 179 tax incentives from the Federal government, and end-of-year rebates and specials from our printer manufacturer partners – Canon, Epson and HP – this iPad Mini Giveaway Countdown offer is the perfect head start into the Holiday season.

For more information and to take advantage of this offer, contact a LexJet customer specialist at 800-453-9538.

Blowout! Save up to 90% While Supplies Last or the Year Ends

Clearance sale on inkjet mediaLexJet is offering a variety of inkjet media and materials at steep discounts through the end of the year or while supplies last. Save up to 90 percent on…

Browse through the categories above, add what you want to the cart, or give a LexJet customer specialist a call at 800-453-9538 for more information on the right inkjet media matches for your production workflow.

This is an excellent chance to stock up and pick up a free iPad Mini from LexJet: buy a 42″ or wider printer and/or laminator, plus $500 of inkjet media/laminates/adhesives and you’ll get an iPad Mini. Go to to see how much time is left on the iPad Mini Giveaway Countdown clock and all the details.

LexJet, FedEx and UPS Holiday Schedules

Holiday shipping schedulesOnce again, the Holiday season is here, and it starts a little earlier than usual thanks to an early Thanksgiving this week. To help you plan for product shipments and production, following is a list of LexJet’s Holiday hours, as well as links to the UPS and FedEx Holiday schedules.

LexJet’s 15 distribution centers will also be closed on the same days as LexJet. If you have any questions or need help with anything, please give us a call at 800-453-9538…

LexJet and LexJet Distribution Centers

Thursday, Nov. 22, Thanksgiving Day: Closed

Friday, Nov. 23: Closed

Monday, Dec. 24, Christmas Eve, Closed

Tuesday, Dec. 25, Christmas Day: Closed

Monday, Dec. 31, New Year’s Eve: Closed

Tuesday, Jan. 1, New Year’s Day: Closed

UPS Holiday Schedule

FedEx Holiday Schedule