HP L25500 Latex Printer and Onyx X10: Troubleshooting Ink Smudges

How to troubleshoot HP latex printerThe HP L25500 dry and cure heat settings are two key components in the printing process of this latex printer. A heat setting that is too high might cause thermal marks to appear on the substrate as vertical bands in some colors or it may wrinkle the material, also causing vertical banding or defects like bubbles to appear. Using the correct ICC profile with the proper heat settings is extremely important in getting a quality print and avoiding reprints and wasted material.

One of the more common troubleshooting issues that we have seen with the L25500 has to do with the smudging of ink and is typically caused by a curing temperature that was set too low. If after printing you are able to smudge the ink on the entire print, you will need to increase the curing temperature in five-degree increments. If you are only able to smudge ink on the first eight inches of a print, only the warm-up curing temperature will need to be adjusted.

In the videos embedded below, learn how to adjust the curing temperature and warm-up curing and drying temperature offset in Onyx X10 to fix ink smudging issues.