The Next Phase in Canvas Printing for Industry Veteran Louis Brevetti

Canvas printing website

Louis Brevetti, owner of based in Wolcott, Conn., estimates that he’s produced more than 1.5 million canvas prints during his career as an art publisher and as an art print provider for big box retailers.

Printing wedding photos on canvasNow, Brevetti aims to continue that production rate but with a different focus and a new online business. The strategy is simple: provide high-quality canvas prints at an affordable price with free value-added services to boot (color adjustments, red eye elimination and touching up minor blemishes).

Over the years Brevetti has learned through trial and error how to keep quality up and production costs down. What he found was that with the right printer, inkjet media and finishing methods it was possible to do it and keep materials and production in-house and in the U.S.

“We came up with a method to produce and finish canvas that allowed us a fantastic production rate, but the quality of our images was just okay. That’s how I found Dustin Flowers at LexJet. I asked Dustin to print a sample for me and I was very impressed with what he came up with,” says Brevetti. “My son Dan stretches the canvas with our special stretching technique that we guard very closely because it shaves off about 40 percent of production time. I have a Canon iPF8300 12-color printer and we print to Sunset Reserve Bright Matte Canvas. The difference in quality between what we were using before is like night and day. Dustin knew exactly what I was looking for, and everyone who has looked at our work has been very impressed.”

Brevetti adds that though the business is conducted almost exclusively on the Internet, he plans to open a storefront in Wolcott (Connecticut) as well. The website is set up to complete the canvas order in three simple steps. Brevetti says it was important to ensure the image travels from step to step exactly as it was in the previous set. For instance, in Step 2 users can crop their own photos as they like and their work will remain throughout the process.

Printing your own photos on canvas“Every image we receive will be set on quality settings that maximize the art. If you send an image at 300 dpi we’ll print it at the highest quality setting. If you send an image that’s 100 dpi, we’ll print it in an 8-bit color format because it doesn’t do any good to print it on anything higher. If you send giclee quality we’ll print it at a giclee quality print setting at no extra charge. The quality of the image will dictate the print quality setting,” explains Brevetti. “For the stretcher bars we use mortised corners and put nails and brads in each corner so that the canvas will never come unfastened.”

With more than a million canvas prints behind him and what Brevetti hopes are a million more, he adds: “The most important thing I’ve learned over the years is that the customer has to feel that they received more than what they paid for. If they don’t feel that way they always wonder if they got what they could have gotten for their dollar.”

For more information, to see how it works and what you get, go to

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Canvas stretcher bar kits for gallery and museum wrapsIf you’re looking for new ways to boost business, better ways to produce your own prints and the best service and support in the industry, put LexJet’s booth (547) on your Imaging USA 2012 itinerary. Less than two weeks away, Imaging USA is being held in New Orleans this year, Jan. 15-17 (classes start on Thursday, Jan. 12), at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center.

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In addition to these show specials, LexJet experts will be on hand to demonstrate best practices for inkjet printing as well as the full complement of LexJet inkjet imaging media with LexJet Sales & Application Guides on hand and other printed samples on Sunset media for you to peruse, compare and contrast. LexJet will print in the booth with an Epson Stylus Pro 4900 and show you how easy it is to use Sunset Stretcher Kits for a high-quality, professional gallery or museum canvas wrap.

For more information about LexJet’s show specials and demonstrations, and to schedule an appointment, contact a LexJet account specialist at 800-453-9538. For more about Imaging USA 2012 and to register, go to or call 800-786-6277. We look forward to seeing you there!

Vote for Your Favorite (LexJet) Products in the Readers’ Choice Top Product Awards

Vote for the top products in the graphics industryWide-Format Imaging magazine announced today that readers and subscribers to the magazine can vote for the Readers’ Choice Top Product Awards, starting tomorrow (a.k.a., Dec. 14) through Jan. 27, 2012.

Go to vote for the products that have caused the most excitement in the industry and have been a valuable asset to wide-format print service providers’ (PSPs) businesses over the last year. Hint: LexJet’s products, which were nominated in the following categories…

From wide-format flatbed printers and wide-format media, to laminating equipment to inks, RIP software and scanners, Wide-Format Imaging’s Top Products Awards will recognize the products that are doing the most for a PSP’s bottom line.

The nominated products were submitted by manufacturers from Nov. 15 through Dec. 12 and then supplemented by products received by the magazine in 2011. Winners will be announced at the International Sign Expo in Orlando, March 22-24, and featured in the March issue of Wide-Format Imaging magazine.

An Almost Infinite Variety at Infinite Imaging

Inkjet printing canvas for corporate lobbies
Copyright IonBond LLC

As its name implies, Infinite Imaging is one of the most versatile digital printers on the eastern seaboard. Based in Portsmouth, N.H., Infinite Imaging’s success is based on its can-do attitude. There is very little, if anything, the company can’t do, especially when it comes to customer service.

“The company started with me and one guy, and now it’s me and 23 others and it’s based almost exclusively on customer service. Everyone talks about customer service, but only a few actually do it,” says owner and founder Bill Hurley. “For instance, I have someone employed just to make phone calls to make sure our customers are happy, and the phone’s not allowed to ring more than three times.”

That’s just the tip of the customer service iceberg at Infinite Imaging, but it speaks to an overall philosophy that has led to its unprecedented growth and success, even during economically trying times.

Case in point is the two projects pictured here for IonBond and Max Edge. IonBond is a company that with an ionization process for coating new metal parts and Max Edge is a fitness center. Both received similar treatments of LexJet Simple Flo Wrap Vinyl on cinder block walls. In addition, Infinite Imaging applied simple graphics to the interior walls at Max Edge, and created canvas wraps with LexJet Sunset Reserve Bright Matte Canvas for IonBond.

Printing wall graphics with an inkjet printerThe result was exactly what the customers wanted to promote their products and services. “The Max Edge project in particular came out great. They loved it and it was a treat to install,” says Hurley. “And, when we’re looking for inkjet media, LexJet is our first call because they’re totally responsive to our needs.”

This is an important factor for Hurley since the company has such a wide range of customers and employs a number of digital processes to produce both small format and wide format output. Infinite Imaging dove into wide format back in 1998 when the market was still relatively immature, leveraging its expertise in offset printing.

“The second I saw wide format I knew it would be a huge market. Today, we are one of the largest reprographers in New Hampshire and we do all kinds of digital printing, including the wide format division,” says Hurley.

Inkjet printing wall graphics for a corporation
Copyright IonBond LLC

In addition to an emphasis on responsive customer service, Hurley and Infinite Imaging are extremely active in the community. The company provides automatic discounts to non-profits, for example, to help them print promotions and marketing materials more economically. It’s a good deed and it raises awareness in the community about the quality of Infinite Imaging’s work.

“My company has the products every non-profit needs, which are printed marketing materials – banners, flyers, tri-folds and whatnot – so they always come to us. When you’re active in the community they get to see you firsthand, and they know you’re for real,” says Hurley.

Louisiana Photo Studio Finds Large Format Inkjet Printing Success

Landscape photography and inkjet printing

Bonita Waesche, owner of Bonita Photography in Mandeville, La., specializes in Louisiana landscapes. An award-winning pro photographer well known in Louisiana circles for both portraiture and landscape work, her challenge was producing the images for new commercial customers – like hotels, hospitals and decorators – looking for professional photographic décor.

Commerical inkjet printing for decor with landscape photography“I realized after analyzing the cost of getting the larger prints made for me, and the extra turnaround time, that the margins were getting kind of scary. There’s only so much the market will bear, so I had been toying with buying a large format printer and with these projects coming up I decided to get a Canon printer from LexJet,” says Waesche.

Waesche acquired a Canon iPF6300 to ensure quality and cost control, as well as the ability to print on-demand quickly. With big hotel décor projects in the works right now, Waesche says she’s quite pleased with the dynamic range of the printer and the fidelity she’s getting from the LexJet canvas and paper she’s using with it.

Surreal photography for commercial applications“LexJet’s staff assured me that I would get a great printer, and I did. I’ve only had it up and running for a couple of weeks and will be using LexJet Sunset Reserve Bright Matte Canvas and LexJet Premium Archival Matte Paper,” says Waesche. “There’s so much out there that it’s difficult to find a good product for your printer and I’m very picky about things. LexJet helped me find the perfect materials for my new printer that work well and look great.”

Waesche was nice enough to send us a summary of her experience buying the new printer, which is re-printed below. Thanks to Waesche for the nice comments and willingness to share.

We’ll follow up and post a profile of the New Orleans hotel projects when they’re complete…

Greetings LexJet Management,

I am a new customer. My photographer friend, Frank Wilson, referred me to your company. I spoke to Bryce in sales initially. He was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and patient as I tried to explain to him what I needed, so I purchased your Sunset roll canvas, which is an outstanding product. When I stretch my photographs over the stretcher bars, the ink stays on the corners and doesn’t lift or crack as the image is wrapped.

I have been considering a large format printer for over 18 months and after acquiring several large commercial hotel jobs, I could justify the cost. Again, I called on Bryce to help me choose a new printer. Since I am a Canon shooter, I have a very good impression of Canon products and their printers seemed to be considerably less expensive. I mulled it over, very anxious about making the financial commitment.

Meanwhile, Mary Ann Finkel called and left a voice mail asking if she could help me and answer any questions I might have. I did some research and contacted her. I was afraid to jump from a 13 inch printer to the beastly size of the 24 inch printer.

She reassured me about Canon quality and LexJet paper and she offered to help after the sale with technical questions concerning roll paper feeding, menus, etc., in case I couldn’t handle the next level of printer.

I had issues with delivery since I live in an elevated home with this printer having to be carried up three flights of stairs to my office. She contacted the shipping company and got back promptly with answers. We decided to have it delivered to my husband’s office and transported when we could get lifting help. This is the most outstanding customer service I have ever received. Based on past experience, I can guarantee you that I would have been told, “Sorry, there is nothing we can do for you.” Customer service is so important to the buyer. Spending all day on the phone from one queue to another, language barriers, and apathy are all reasons I have left various brands/vendors.

Mary Ann Finkel has given you another loyal customer. When I couldn’t remember which canvas I had ordered initially, Mary Ann looked it up and sent more rolls to me right away with the question, “They will be there Thursday; is that okay for you?” Yes, Mary Ann, your attitude and effectiveness are awesome!

Please know what a gem you have in this employee. In this crazy recession with employer cutbacks, understand that she is very good for your business.

Thank you so much,

Bonita Waesche

P.S. I love the Canon printer and my LexJet matte paper has the look and feel of professional caliber that I need for the commercial work.

From Blueprints to Fine Art at West Side Reprographics

Adding fine art reproduction to inkjet printing operationIt was a natural expansion for West Side Reprographics in Vero Beach, Fla. Already well-versed in graphics reproduction for its core corporate and architectural market, producing CAD, presentation and technical prints, West Side Reprographics added fine art and photographic reproduction to its product mix about six months ago.

With the purchase of a Canon iPF8300 44” wide inkjet printer from LexJet, West Side Reprographics created a sister company out of its offices called Vero Beach Fine Art Reproductions. With its already well-honed expertise in full-color wide-format printing, the addition of fine-art reproduction services was a cinch.

David Lovett, West Side Reprographics manager, worked with his LexJet customer specialist, Josh Abel, to get the new system up and running. Though the latest Canon inkjet printers are virtually plug-and-play, Abel was able to help with the details and finding the print materials that would make West Side’s customers happy.

Fine art printing in Vero Beach“The printer was really easy to set up; the learning curve was hardly a curve. With Josh’s help, we were able to install all the proper media profiles into the printer and my computer. That was really the only thing I needed help with on the printer, and Josh helped me through the process. Now I just pretty much tell it to go,” says Lovett. “Josh also helped me out with the materials in the beginning. The main client I was trying to please was looking for something different and Josh found a canvas that made him happy, and everyone else likes it as well.”

Lovett says that West Side Reprographics is primarily printing its fine art and photo reproductions on LexJet Sunset Reserve Bright Matte Canvas and Sunset Select Matte Canvas, finished with LexJet Sunset Satin Coating and Sunset Gloss Coating. Coating the canvas was another one of the very few learning curves facing Lovett with its new inkjet capabilities.

Vero Beach fine art printing“When I first started with the canvas I was rolling it on, but I wasn’t really happy with that. I’m not a good painter, so I’m sure it was me, and not the coating. I was pressing down too hard and then too lightly in spots. I know rolling works great for other people, but I just didn’t have a knack for it,” explains Lovett. “Josh did some research for me and recommended a sprayer, so I went to Home Depot, got a sprayer and I’ve been using it ever since. The product is easy to use and you don’t have to mix it with anything. I dump it in the container, screw it onto the sprayer and off I go.”

With a smooth and efficient system in place, West Side Reprographics was able to get the word-of-mouth ball rolling as satisfied clients recommended the company’s work to others in the area. Lovett also made a point of visiting local frame shops to let them know about their capabilities. As with the individual clients, once the frame shops saw the quality West Side Reprographics was able to produce they helped get the word out as well.

The next step, says Lovett, is to get the Vero Beach Fine Art Reproductions website up and running to drive more business to that division of West Side Reprographics. Launching new endeavors is nothing new for Lovett, who opened the Vero Beach location about seven years ago. It’s an extension of the main location, which is about 75 miles down the coast in Riviera Beach, Fla. The Riviera Beach location has been in business for more than 40 years.