A Look Back at Some of 2016’s Best Printed Applications

With the advances in inkjet media, printers and ink, it’s no surprise that our customers continue to create some of the most innovative projects in the industry. Take a look back on 2016 with us to revisit some of the most inspiring customer projects we’ve ever seen:

Jamie Birch FeaturedTaking business décor to the next level: Designer Jamie Birch has brought a new way of displaying graphics to the table — literally. He transfers graphics onto flat surfaces such as tables, counter tops and bar tops, and constructs custom designs with LexJet Print-N-Stick Fabric and LexJet Crystal Low Tack. The details of his process is, of course, a trade secret, however, he gave an overview of the steps. READ MORE.

Seattle Exhibit Highlights Modern Print and Digital Artwork

For an artist like Stephen Rock, the Contemporary Printmakers show at the Seattle Art Museum Gallery exemplifies not only how artists are blending their genres, but also the media they combine to achieve their finished work and the many processes they could use to get there.

The Complexity of Data by Stephen Rock
The Complexity of Data by Stephen Rock

Many of today’s artists, he says, embrace the digital work within the computer as well as traditional processes. “It’s a really good time to be talking about digital output; we’re all using material and devices that are pushing contemporary artist voices into new possibilities,” he says. “You’re not just a photographer any more. You’re not just a painter anymore. So few people are sticking with one title.”

Rock, himself, blends digital work with painting and drawing as well as sculpting. His recent work that was featured in the SAM Gallery blends pigmented prints on watercolor or rag paper and collage elements. His paper of choice: LexJet’s Sunset Matte Rag.