New Durable and Rigid PVC Free Laminate at an Economical Price Point

Choosing the right laminate for displays and trade showsLexJet brings its 17 years of experience and innovation in developing printable media and laminates for the graphics market with the addition of LexJet Performance Textured Polypropylene (10 Mil) to its line of Performance laminates. The new laminate is a 10-mil version of LexJet’s popular Performance Textured Polypropylene (5 Mil) and was developed for customers who require extra rigidity and the same proven performance as the 5-mil laminate for point of purchase displays and trade show graphics.

 “The 5-mil version of our Performance Textured Polypropylene has been a favorite of our customers since it was introduced three years ago. They love all the qualities of the laminate that, most importantly, translate to a dependable and economical product that brings repeat business,” explains Dione Metnick, LexJet’s product manager. “At the same time, many of those customers were looking for those qualities in a thicker, more rigid laminate to help meet their needs for other applications.”

Performance Textured Polypropylene (10 Mil) is priced 35 to 40 percent lower than most comparable 10-mil textured laminates on the market and does not contain any PVC resins or hazardous substances. Since it’s PVC-free, it has better overall clarity, protects against yellowing and has a higher dimensional stability so that it won’t shrink and cause the most hateful of print shop situations… The emergency do-over. It also features the most durable acrylic adhesive in the industry for unequaled bond strength between the laminate and the graphic.

“Our clients are very demanding and if they don’t like it, our policy is to re-do it, so we want to use materials that ensure we don’t have to re-do anything. We’ve had great success with LexJet materials, including the Performance Textured Polypropylene, on this and similar projects,” says Charles Fleming of Southwest Museum Services in Houston, referring to the multi-media project the company designed and fabricated for the Reagan Ranch Center.

The proprietary velvet-textured co-polymer PSA film is equivalent in price with less-expensive thermal laminates while providing greater durability, adhesion strength and image quality. The laminate is ASTM rated for use with floor graphics as well, and is resistant to and compatible with most solvent cleaning agents.

It is available and shipping from LexJet’s nationwide network of distribution centers and comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Available roll sizes are: 38 in. x 20 ft., 38 in. x 75 ft., 38 in. x 150 ft., 51 in. x 75 ft., and 51 in. x 150 ft.