A Successful Formula for Bold and Beautiful Inkjet Printed Wall Murals

Printing wall murals

Formula Boats, based in Decatur, Ind., is proud of its product, as well it should be. The company’s high-octane boats are sporty and stylish, facts which are replicated in its promotions and presentations.

Formula Boats’ latest creation, the Formula 350 CBR, is the centerpiece of a new wall mural that adorns the lobby of its headquarters in Decatur. Taken from a July photo shoot in the Bahamas, the wall mural wows visitors and passersby alike.

Printing wall murals for promotions and advertising“You can also see the mural from the road; we’ve noticed a bunch of people pull in to our parking lot and point at it,” says Tonya Hamilton, director of communications for Formula Boats.

Hamilton also handles the company’s large-format promotional printing and says the application of the material to which she printed, LexJet Simple WallCal (6 Mil), was relatively easy. The only hiccup in the process was during the printing.

“Our printer had a problem printing the full 54-inch width. It kept moving over about 1/4″ to 1/16″ so that each panel was off a little bit, so we had to print patches to make sure everything corresponded and lined up perfectly,” explains Hamilton. “The actual installation was a piece of cake, though all those little splices made it more time-consuming. It was supposed to be only big six panels, but it ended up being six big panels and six smaller splices to get it lined up properly.”

Next time, adds Hamilton, she’ll leave an inch or so on each side for a 52″ print width, instead of printing edge to edge.

“We want to do it again, and our next big project is a vehicle wrap for a parade here in town,” says Hamilton. “Vic Porter, our company’s chairman, will pull one of the first boats he ever built in the parade.”

Hamilton also uses LexJet Poly Select fabrics for trade shows, point of purchase and dealer showrooms. Check back here for follow-up posts on the fabric applications and the vehicle wrap to find out more about these applications.

Simple, Successful Wall Graphics Application

Repositionable and removable wall murals and graphicsIt was a simple application, but it’s not always as simple as it first seems. Capella University needed a nice-looking “Welcome” sign prominently placed at a recent event. The solution was a wall graphic applied on an overhanging curved wall in the registration area.

The trick, as it often is in these cases, was finding a material that was easy to work with, would stick to the wallpaper and not destroy the wallpaper once it was removed. So Bill Harriman, owner of Custom Signs & Graphix in Brooksville, Fla., decided that LexJet’s new Simple WallCal (6 Mil) would hit the spot. “I decided to use WallCal after consulting with my LexJet sales rep, Tom Hauenstein. He had personal experience with the material and was able to assure me it would work as advertised. It is very hard to read and believe all that you see online, but after talking to Tom I felt this would meet my high expectations,” says Harriman.

“It was applied to a hotel’s wallpaper and I haven’t heard of any problems removing the graphic since it was only up for about a week; it performed as advertised. I’m sure I would have heard about it if it didn’t work properly when they removed it,” Harriman adds. “I installed it myself because you often run into weaknesses in the wallpaper. Sure enough, some of the wallpaper was curling a bit, but we still didn’t have a problem installing it.”

The graphic is 20″ tall by 22 feet long and Harriman broke it into two 11-foot long panels for ease of installation. Simple WallCal’s microsphere adhesive allows the material to be repositioned frequently during installation and makes it easy to remove, without damaging the surface to which it’s applied, for up to a year.

“The low-tack materials, especially for all the trade shows and conferences we do, are pretty cool. What makes this an interesting project, for me anyway, is not so much the content – beautiful, multi-color graphics – but that it was applied directly to a multi-million dollar hotel’s wallpaper and performed well,” says Harriman. “The material also has very good image quality. I’m using an Onyx RIP that helps keep everything consistent from water-based to solvent printing.”